What Are The Facts You Should Know Before Buying An Automatic Spout Pouch Filling And Capping Machine?

A spout pouch filling machine fills and caps stand-up spout pouches with jelly, beverages, milk, fruit juice, seasoning, detergent, and other liquid products. Before buying one, let’s learn more some essential facts about this pouch filler.

1. What is a stand-up pouch?

A stand-up pouch is a soft bag packaging with a horizontal structure at the bottom to hold it up. It doesn’t need help to stand on its own. It can be a stand-up pouch with a spout (suction nozzle) and a stand-up pouch without a spout. The spouted stand-up pouch is also called a penguin bag because it can stand on its own and looks like a penguin. A popular type of packaging now on the market is one that can stand on its own.

Spout Pouch Filling Machine

2. What factors will influence the spout pouch filling machine’s design?

This filler is based on a stand-up pouch’s spout, which is essential to the design.

  1. The slot in the spout (suction nozzle) can have one or two layers. Whether you have a single-layer or double-layer slot, the way you load a pouch will be different.
  2. Caps can have different sizes and shapes. When the size and shape of the cap are different, the way it screws on should be designed to match. The screw heads for the standard and large head caps are different in how they are made.
  3. The size of the bag determines how much the spout pouch filling machine can fill into it. This machine is flexible to hold 20% more than the pouch size. Its ability to fill can be changed to meet different needs, but the adjusted range shouldn’t be too big. The same filling system can’t be used for 50ml and 500ml because of wide differences.


3. What type of products can be filled and capped with the spout pouch filling and capping machine?

This automatic spout pouch filling machine is also a stand-up pouch filling machine or a doypack filling machine. It is an equipment that can fill and cap stand-up pouches. Filling liquid, semi-liquid, paste, and other liquids. The filling methods are designed based on the type of liquid materials.


4. What is an automatic spout pouch filling and capping machine?

This automatic spout pouch filler has the function of automatically hanging the bag, detecting when the bag is empty, automatic filling, capping, detecting when the cap is not on, and automatically releasing finished products. The excellent feature of this machine is its high level of automation, which includes multiple fault alarm systems, photoelectric detection, and PLC control that monitor works in real-time. The automatic turning of the cover uses a device with a constant magnetic torque that keeps the torque fixed. This ensures that the covers of the same batch of products have the same tightness.


5. How to choose a spout pouch filling machine?

The first step is to choose the type of packaging. The same suction nozzle bag can be used with each spout pouch filling machine. Keep the same shape for the suction nozzle on the pouch. Even if bags are a little different in size or shape, they can all be filled by the same machine. Next is to decide the manufacturing capacity.

The table below shows how much a spout pouch filler can make with different numbers of filling heads.

Number of Filling Nozzle Capacity (pouch per hour)
1 800-1000
2 1600-2000
3 2400-3000
4 3200-4000
5 4000-5000
6 4800-6000


We should be aware that the machine’s capacity will decrease if the materials we use to fill pouches are hard to move or if they foam easily. At this point, it might be a good idea to ask a technical staff for some professional advice.


6. How to print dates on pouches?

In the early stages of production, many factories buy inkjet printers and do manual printing on the bag date ahead of time. This wastes labor. With labor costs increasing, it’s more important than ever to find ways to save labor.

This problem can be solved in two ways. The first is to place the printer on the machine itself. Before the filling the bag, the coding machine can be set up at the filling station to print the date. The second is to connect the printer to the filling machine. The inkjet printer is also set up in the station before filling. Because the inkjet printer’s nozzle is small, it easily applies on the filling machine. The date can be printed as long as the bag goes by the printer head.


7. What is the price of a spout pouch filling machine?

This spout pouch filling and capping machine fits the needs of the customer, so the price changes depending on how the machine is made and what it needs to do.


8. Where can I find a spout pouch filling machine manufacturer?

Our company, Makwell, is a professional spout pouch filling and capping machine manufacturer with years of manufacturing expertise in filling machines and packaging equipment. You may visit our website and contact us to learn more about how we can assist you with your packaging production.

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