What are the features of an automatic filling machine?

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Automatic Filling Machine Features

Fillers like overflow fillers, gravity fillers, piston filling machines, and others move products into a bottle or container in different ways. Automatic versions of these machines almost always have the same features. These features are meant to make the filling machine more effective, consistent, and reliable. The following are some of the most popular filling machine features:

Stainless Steel Frame: Heavy-Duty, Portable, And Corrosion-Resistant

This automatic filling machine must be stable all through the process for stable and accurate fills. By protecting the fill from spills and moving, the stainless steel frame prevents changes in the fill size or level. But there are also products that are not compatible with stainless steel. When using corrosive materials, the frame can be an HDPE material.

Adjustable Heads and Height 

Companies fill different kinds of products in bottles of different sizes. Automatic filling machines are easy to adjust and can reduce downtime and improve output. The standard power height on automatic machines is flexible to suit the fill heads.

It is as simple as hitting a switch. Even auxiliary machines like power conveyors have knobs or other simple parts are adjustable to make railing or other changes. The operator control panel makes it easy to make additional changes, like setting the time and delay.

Touch Screen PLCs

The PLC and operator interface make it effortless for operators to set indexing times, filling, and other machine settings. It also has easy-to-adjust filler parts. The panel centralizes controls for power conveyors, turntables, etc. The PLC can keep track of recipes that include products and bottles. Once all the combinations are set, they can be saved and remembered, making switching easier.

Advanced Vision Systems

Automatic filling machines are part of a packaging line. They perform efficiently and effectively with the conveyor system, capping machines, labelers, and other system equipment. The filling machine works with an anti-bottle backup vision system. These vision systems guarantee liquid products and backups don’t harm the filler. If the machine detects a liquid, the filler will finish the current cycle and stop until the problem is fixed. Automatic machines use a no bottle, no fill vision system to guarantee the process starts when the right amount of bottles reaches the fill zone. This vision system helps cut down on messy spills and boost productivity at the same time. Filling equipment can use custom-made vision systems if they are needed.

Upgradeable 2-to-16-head Design

Automatic filling machines can have two to sixteen fill heads depending on product demand. Two-head filling machines are usually made to be easy to expand. No matter how many fill heads are on the machine when it is delivered, they can be upgraded to 16 fill heads. This design lets the equipment grow along with the company. This makes the equipment last longer and to avoid replacement when sales go up.

Depending on your production needs, your automatic filling machine manufacturer can add more features and specializations. As one of China’s automatic filling machine manufacturers, your needs are our top priority. Choose from our wide range of filling and packaging machines and see the positive changes!

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