What are the major components of a tube filling and sealing machine?

tube filling and sealing machine

MAKWELL automatic filling and sealing machine for tube solutions feature the following major components;

Material Tank Storage  

Tanks refer to the compartments in which the machine stores the product that needs to be topped off. Most of these machines have higher tanks to make topping up easier. Based on the plan and how well they can fill tubes, one or more tanks are required.

Filling Nozzles

It is a device that controls the flow of the product when filling the tube. Whereas a tri-clover is for moving materials. Filling nozzles are fundamental components for tube filling and sealing machines- they help guide the fluid to the right place.

Coding Jaws

This part of the machine is in charge of making quick and easy products. Nowadays, tube filling machines with adjustable jaws for coding can satisfy your individual needs, resulting in filling and sealing a wide range of tubes. In addition, these devices are essential for making sure that all of the parts work better.

Dosing Pump

This pump can help you get the proper flow rate of filling substances in different ways. It fills the dosing chamber at the measured rate before filling or injecting the dosage into the tank. The motor powers the system. Control mechanisms, such as internal and external control systems, control the flow rate.

Control Unit

Working with this part of the tube filling machine is sensitive. This part controls and regulates different parameters. New models have digital touch screens, which efficiently help you manage a specific task. Moreover, the control unit primarily handles the production process, speed, and other functions.

Discharge Unit

Material flows from the tank to the filling tube through this machine part. This component is responsible for measuring the correct amount of filling substance and dosing speed.

Tube Holders

In the filling process, this component holds and grips the tubes. The number of tube holders depends on the size of the tube filling machine and its capacity per cycle. Because they need to match the filling speed of the discharging tube, these tube holders rotate very quickly.


A hopper especially moves a funnel. This part is primarily responsible for moving filling material from one place to another, and the size depends on how large the machine is. The hopper is located on the upper level to ensure that the filling material adheres perfectly to the tank. Additionally, this part of the tube filling machine makes it easy to find the best filling angle.

Electronic Box

The electrical connections that the machine uses during its operation are located in this box. There are four major components in the box. The electric box includes:

  • An air switches to protect the electrical circuit.
  • A VFD-based wiring board for wire connections.
  • A PLC control system that regulates the machine.
  • Transformers are also part of the device.


Motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Motors inside the tube filling and sealing machine provides the necessary energy and power to run all of the machine’s parts. The motor’s power capacity depends on how much load it can handle. A higher degree motor is ideal for devices with large production capacity.

Safety System

Tube fillers usually have this part working in safe proximity to the other working parts of the machine. This is beneficial when you need immediate attention to fix an alarming situation. The safety system will automatically check for problems and notify you as the machine works.

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