What Are the Performance Characteristics of a Mayonnaise Making Machine That Deserves Attention?

Knowing what a mayonnaise making machine or vacuum emulsifier can do for your product is crucial before you invest in one. The secret to making the consistently perfect batch of mayonnaise is using a suitable mayonnaise machine, whether you’re going for a silky smooth mayo or a thick and sticky spread.

Next, we will discuss the most notable performance characteristics of the mayonnaise making machine that are worth mentioning.

Mayonnaise Making Machine Performance Characteristics

The mayonnaise making machine can produce a wide variety of emulsifiable concentrates, such as mayonnaise, sauce, and many more. It is simple to use, looks elegant, performs effectively, and is exceptionally reliable. This technology is perfect for making vast amounts of mayonnaise, sauces, and other foods, making it a wise investment.

The operator of this mayonnaise machine can always see the emulsifying materials thanks to a special visual mechanism, a cleaning scraper below the glass plate, and enclosed lighting.

To avoid scalding workers and guarantee maximum output, the emulsification pot’s heating system uses jacketed electric heating, suitable jacket cooling, and insulation on the outside layer.

The PTFE scraper is close to the wall of the pot and rotates with the agitator. This keeps things from sticking and gets rid of dead corners. The optimum speed control system allows for infinitely variable speed adjustments.


mayonnaise making machine

The tilting discharge technique can guarantee the full discharge of the material without leaving any leftover material, and the lid of the vacuum emulsifier may automatically move up and down. System for hydraulic lifting and hand dumping (above 200L, electric dumping).

Vacuum deaeration uses vacuum suction to reach the required level of sterility. This is especially helpful when working with powder materials to keep dust from getting into the air. The process is in a vacuum system, which reduces the chance of cellular contamination and extends the shelf life of the product.

By running an electric current through the heat conductor in the interlayer, It is possible to heat the material. Another good choice is a steam heating system. The temperature of the heating system is easy to change and is manageable automatically for your convenience.

mayonnaise making machine

The mayonnaise making machine has a pot body that is comprised of three layers of stainless steel plate welding. Additionally, both the pot body and the pipes are mirror-polished, which ensures that it completely satisfies the standards of GMP.

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