Mayonnaise Production Process: How Does It Work?

mayonnaise production process

In the mayonnaise production process, using a mayonnaise making machine and perfectly matched ingredients will make the best tasty mayonnaise. Mayonnaise manufacturers are adopting new automated mayonnaise mixer machines to ensure that you always have perfectly blended and delicious mayo on hand.

The mayonnaise production process starts with preparing the materials and the mayonnaise making machine—vacuum homogenizing emulsifier, egg yolk, salt, sucrose, mustard, vinegar, and spices.


  • Vinegar (containing 4.5% acetic acid) 9.4%-10.8%
  • Egg yolk 8.0%–10.0%, sugar 1.5%-2.5%
  • Salt 1.5%, spices 0.6%-1.2%
  • Salad oil 75.0%-80.0%

Mayonnaise Production Process

  1. Vinegar is used to dissolve the sugar. Because sucrose or sugar doesn’t mix well with oil, it must be dissolved in vinegar first.
  2. Mix the egg yolk, mustard, and spices. Mustard and spices usually don’t dissolve in water, but egg yolk is an emulsifier that can dissolve both water-soluble and fat-soluble substances. When the three are mixed, they will form a single liquid.
  3. Through vacuum suction, add the sugar, vinegar, and salad oil to the vacuum emulsifier in a certain order. Because mayonnaise is an oil-in-water emulsion, the ratio of salad oil to vinegar can’t change much when it’s being made.
  4. When the salad oil is used traditionally, the mayonnaise will have a structure that looks like water in oil. The vacuum suction feature of the multifunctional emulsifier makes it possible to feed the material in an even way.
  5. In an emulsifying tank, mix a small amount of vinegar, egg yolk, and salad oil with a lot of salt to make mayonnaise.
  6. The mayonnaise with a lot of salt is mixed in the process of mixing mayonnaise. After the mixture has been stirred, the homogenization feature of the emulsification tank is activated. The homogenization process can be repeated until all of the mayonnaise’s parts are dissolved in the liquid, and the mixture is smooth and stable up to semi-solidity.
  7. The mixed mayonnaise can be sterilized for 8 to 24 hours at 45°C, but the temperature can’t go higher than 55°C. At 60°C, mayonnaise, in general, will harden.
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