What are the sauce packaging machine’s main characteristics and how to maintain them?

Automatic sauce packaging machines are a type of packaging equipment used to package liquids. This sauce packaging machine packs liquid products like soy sauce, sauce, milk, vinegar, juice, and more. It uses a thin polyethylene film of 0.07 to 0.10 mm. It can automatically fill liquids, measure them in milliliters (ml), make the bags, print the date on them, seal them, and cut them. Before packaging, the film needs cleaning with UV light, following the rules for food hygiene.

Find out what makes these sauce packaging machines stand out and how they can help you package sauce efficiently. You may also use this list as a guide when buying a packaging machine for sauce.

Main Characteristics

  1. This sauce packaging machine is of 304 stainless steel and complies with GMP Food standards.
  2. High-quality PLC to make it run more smoothly.
  3. The touch screen display makes it easy to use and reliable.
  4. High-precision stepping motor subdivision technology.
  5. Because of its space-saving design, this machine is ideal for small spaces.
  6. High-sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracing, with a digital sealing position for further precision.
  7. Design to stop packaging leaks, better sealing, and fixed sealing.
  8. The speed of the whole system, the length of the packing bag, and a few other characteristics are changeable to fit the user’s needs.

Using this labor-saving vertical sauce packaging machine can not only increase productivity, cut down on product loss, and improve the quality of the packaging, but it can also reduce pollution in both the production environment and the loaded materials.

How to maintain sauce packaging machines?


  1. Add oil to the parts of each gear that touch each other, the hole for oil injection in the bearing with a seat, and each moving part once in every shift.
  2. When adding lubricating oil, be careful not to drip oil on the transmission belt. This way, the belt won’t slip and get lost or worn out too fast, causing damage.
  3. Do not run the reducer without oil. After 300 hours of use, you should clean the inside and add new oil. After 2500 hours of use, you should change the oil.


  1. Dust in the electric control box needs often cleaning to avoid electrical problems like short circuits and bad contacts.
  2. Make sure to clean the body of the heat sealer constantly so that the lines for sealing bags are clear.
  3. Materials spread out need cleaning up as soon as possible to keep the parts clean and extend their operational life.
  4. Make sure the light-emitting head of the photoelectric switch (electric eye) is always clean to make sure it works excellent.
  5. Clean the part that measures when it’s time to shut down.

Most of what you need to know about how to lubricate and clean this sauce packaging machine is above, and it is important to follow instructions correctly.

Sauce packaging machines are widely used, generally in any liquid product. It can be adjusted and used as a vinegar packaging machine, fruit juice packaging machine, edible oil packaging machine, etc. Sauce packaging machines can also be called liquid filling machines or sauce filling machines in a vertical format, which can be divided into machines that fill under pressure, vacuum, and normal pressure. To get the most out of these machines, the operator must know how to use, run, and maintain them correctly.

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