What Are The Solutions To Each Process Steps Of Cosmetic Filling Machines?

cosmetic filling machines

Cosmetic Filling Line


Stocking and Feeding

In Cosmetic filling machines, stocking and feeding of products are always planned based on a unique concept determined by the type of container and the delivery method. For instance, hopper conveyors, dosing elevators, plate conveyors, and disc sorters are used in this area. Then, bottles, caps, and other packaging parts are fed in bulk items or trays, which are also reusable systems. The products are placed in transport pucks, transport systems, or directly in a machine further down the line in a way that is very friendly to the products.

Filling and Cleaning

Our cosmetic filling machines apply to both small and large cosmetic productions, as well as for liquid cosmetics with a wide range of viscosities. The fillers are appealing because they come in different shapes and sizes and can be semi-automatic or fully automatic. We use many different types of filling systems, including rotary piston pumps, linear piston pumps, and mass flow meters. So, products with low to high viscosity can be filled as needed. At the same time, we make sure that both small and large filling volumes have the most reliable process possible.

The cosmetic filling machine’s filling systems may be cleaned using the appropriate approach, whether cold cleaning, hot cleaning, sanitizing, or sterilizing using CIP/SIP. Because of the pump change trolley, manual cleaning is not a problem. And due to its removable nature, the filling system is easy to clean.

We offer the possibility for the line to be both filled and cleaned at the same time. Multiple filling systems make it possible to get the most out of each line.


We guarantee the highest quality capping machines as they press gently and screw precisely a wide range of closures or caps. There are two different kinds of capping machines:

  • Intermittent capping machines work well with press-on and screw caps, spray and dispenser pumps, and multi-part closures.
  • Advanced capping machines for round, flat, and curved bottles that work continuously and can produce a variety of closures.

With the latest servo drives, the intermittent components can be used in many different ways on the primary machine and can also be put together. They have other ways to screw (torque, stop, and angle) and depend on the container being capped carefully. The use of servomotors provides consistent and repeatable screwing torque. Future formats may be easily set up and operated on the system.

Product Transport

Depending on the cosmetic filling machines, we can offer either continuous or intermittent product transport or a mix of the two. The filling and capping machine is made in a clean way. Gentle motions on the conveyor belts provide smooth movements.

If you need to transport anything that isn’t stable enough to fit in the transport puck, our lines can do that, too. We also boost the adaptability of our processing lines by using intelligent transport systems with fully configurable transport carriers.

Labeling and Printing

Labeling and marking or printing devices to complete the cosmetic packaging line. The massaging belt moves the containers to the labeling station and attaches the labels. So, at the end of the process, finished products are made. Monitoring the strip end and strip tear-off is a part of making sure the process works well.

Various label printers are available and may be used depending on the specific demand and purpose. The two most common types of printers are thermal transfer printers and laser printers.

We use systems to get the best results and ensure that labeling and marking are done correctly. Because they are compact, our labelers can be used in tight spaces or as stand-alone machines. They can also be permanently added to the line.

Future-Proof Cosmetics Solutions

Our dedication to research and development in cosmetic filling machine manufacture allows us to create the capability to tailor a cosmetic filling machine to your specific needs, a filling solution that is adaptable and efficient. To achieve this goal, we will partner closely with you in order to meet your cosmetic-specific requirements.

We work to give you exceptional outcomes by combining project management and outstanding services. This also covers our lines’ thorough documentation and validation. Additionally, we offer digital services like improved analysis and individualized assistance. Feel free to contact us and let us create your cosmetic cream filling machine! Discover how Makwell can help you! 

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