What Are The Variations Of Tube Filling And Sealing Machines?


tube filling machines tube filling machines


A tube filling and sealing machine is used to fill gels, creams, or other liquids into polyethylene or laminated tubes, seal them with hot air, stamp the date and/or batch number, and cut off any extra plastic on the end of the tube that forms when the tube is sealed.

For filling and sealing, these machines use a method that depends on the tube type and product, such as aluminum tubes, laminated tubes, metal collapsible tubes, and plastic co-extruded tubes.

The main variation of the tube filling and sealing machines is their level of automation. It could be fully automatic or semi-automatic. Now, what is the difference between automatic tube filling machines and semi-automatic tube filling machines?

Automatic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

This automatic tube filler has all of its operations preset. Using this in facilities will provide less human interaction with the machine. Automatic tube filling machines have remarkable performance, making them perfect for making a large number of products with little room for error. It features an easy-to-suction dosing method, a touch screen that lets you make full adjustments, and checks all lubricant levels. This is the best choice in the tube filling machine market as it allows the user complete control.

An example of an automatic tube filling machine is the ultrasonic tube filling machine. This automatic filling and sealing machine applies a no tube, no filling principle. The product material won’t come out if a tube falls off the workstation. This application ends up being very useful. Its workings are very easy to understand. The air blow system fills the tube with air, which makes it easy to fill the material from the machine to the tube. It has filling pumps that are flexible to meet the needs of the production.

Semi-Automatic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

A semi-automatic tube filling machine is also available on the market and is less expensive than a fully automatic machine. It can perform most of the functions of fully automatic machines, but some of its tasks are by hand by the worker or the operator. This machine is common in small factories that make 30–35 tubes per minute. Even though semi-automatic tube fillers aren’t the biggest, they aren’t the hardest to use either. It only takes one operator to start production, and most of the time, the machine takes care of all the other steps. This may be made to meet the consumer’s manufacturing needs.

Digital temperature controls are part of a semi-automatic tube filling machine as well. It also has a reservoir monitoring system that shows how much fluid is left in the tank. It doesn’t work on the principle of “no tube, no filling.” If a tube is missing, the product material will still come out of the machine, which will disrupt operations.

What is a Rotary Tube Filling and Sealing Machine?

In the pharmaceutical industry, rotary tube filling machines are one of the most requested machines for filling and sealing tubes. This is because they can be used for a wide range of tasks. One good thing about this machine is that it comes in both semi-automatic and fully automatic versions, so you may choose the one that works best for your needs.

The heavy materials used to make rotary tube filling machines make them reliable. This machine is excellent at doing many tasks at once because it can fill, seal, batch code, crimp, and eject all in one cycle. With this feature, you may save funds and be very efficient at the same time.

A rotary machine seals products with hot air, which makes it especially perfect for sealing plastics and lamination tubes. The tubes are filled with the right amount using these machines’ precise and easy-to-use adjustments. It makes it easier for you to change out parts, which makes the device easier to use and maintain. These are the primary criteria that pharmaceutical firms look for. This machine is common in the pharma, food processing, cosmetics, and other glue and gel businesses.

What is an Ultrasonic Tube Filling Machine?

Ultrasonic tube filling machines show how the number of errors is being reduced daily as the globe develops, thanks to incredible engineering. Using ultrasonic friction, ultrasonic tube filling machines operate ultrasonic technology to fuse the molecules on the tube’s surface. This machine should be taken care of like a manual or traditional machine because everything that sticks to its walls makes the welding weak. Because of this, often cleaning right after using is necessary. Ultrasonic tube fillers are widely applicable in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

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