What Are Today’s Lotion Filling Machine?

lotion filling machine

Lotions are a topical preparation with a low viscosity that is meant to be applied on the skin. Creams and gels, on the other hand, are thicker because they contain less water. Lotions apply on the skin outside the body with your bare hands, a brush, a clean cloth, or cotton wool. Lotion can also be a treatment, but most lotions, especially hand and body lotions, are meant to smooth, hydrate, soften, and maybe even smell nice on the skin. Sunscreen and moisturizer, two skincare staples, may come in various formulations, including lotions, gels, creams, and even sprays.


lotion filling machine

Lotion Filling Machines

We offer several different filling machines, each with its own specialties and way of working. Our lotion filling machines can fill products with a high viscosity, like paste, face wash, lotions, etc. It needs a small space to work in and is easy to move around. It has high-quality pneumatic parts and stainless steel, which makes it very accurate at filling. Lotion filling machines fill lotion in tubes, bottles, jars, cans, and other containers of different shapes. Also, when filling lotions, it has the following features.

  • This lotion filling machine can handle any kind of liquid. To add the pressure, a pneumatic plunger is applicable.
  • Ensure correct filling with switch-controlled plungers.
  • Cosmetic filling machines are widely used for filling viscous, thick liquid products.
  • It works well with bottles of all sizes and shapes, even those with unusual shapes, especially when used in a linear bottling style.

Lotion filling machines can be fully automatic for high-speed facilities or partially automated for cosmetic companies with less demand. A basic study of product, packaging, and manufacturing requirements are necessary to find the best option. And as a cosmetic filling machine manufacturer, we offer you more than just machines; we also provide you with the support and value you need!

Makwell Designs and Builds Filling Machines and Packaging Equipment for Lotion

Our lotion filling machines keep up with the standards of any lotion manufacturing industry. We offer you the best equipment on the market to meet all your lotion-filling needs and complete filling work efficiently.

We have liquid fillers, cappers, conveyors, and labeling equipment in stock to ensure that your lotion product fills and packs correctly. The lotion is just one of many liquid products that our machines can fill quickly and accurately while maintaining a high level of speed and accuracy.

Install A Complete Lotion Filling System

Our cosmetic lotion filling machines can fill and package liquids of different viscosities. These machines are suitable to fill lotions of different thicknesses. After filling the lotion, other packaging equipment finishes the packaging process.

The capping machine screw on custom caps on lotion containers of different sizes and shapes that keep out dirt and stop them from leaking. Labeling equipment uses graphics, brand names, product information, and logos to make personalized labels attached to containers. A system of conveyors moves packages from one place to another at a steady rate.

Integrate A Customized Liquid Filling Configuration

You may completely customize your packaging equipment set up by mixing and matching sizes and shapes combinations to make a lotion packaging system that works for your manufacturing line. These machines will meet the space and application needs of your facility with a solution made just for it. If you need help with the design of your liquid packaging system, our experts can give you advice on how to choose and install the best equipment.

Get in touch with us today and lets start installing your lotion filling machine line. Our experts on the packaging are ready to help you figure out what equipment your facility needs and how to add it. We offer field service, high-speed cameras, leasing, and installation to help improve performance and give your production line the equipment it needs to keep working.


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