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Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Hydraulic System Failure Causes

Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer‘s lift function module system configuration requires the use of a hydraulic drive system. Under normal circumstances, medium and large lifting vacuum homogenizing emulsifiers must adopt hydraulic lifting systems as the lifting system of the emulsification mixing tank. Sometimes because of some reasons for the problem of lifting the hydraulic transmission system, what is the reason for the failure of the hydraulic system of the equipment lifting vacuum homogenizing emulsifier?

According to statistics, in the failure of the hydraulic system of the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier, most of the problems are caused by the hydraulic transmission oil, and basically caused by the interference of the impurities in the hydraulic transmission oil. If there is a problem with the hydraulic transmission oil of the machine, you can also focus on the following key points:

First, you can check the surface cleanliness, appearance color, viscosity and consistency of the hydraulic transmission oil, and you can also smell whether the taste is normal.

In most vacuum homogenizing emulsifier systems, the overflow valve is a key source of heat. In addition, the excessive flow through the pressure reducing valve is also another important reason for generating heat.

Checking the oil temperature in the hydraulic oil tank on time can also effectively prevent relatively serious damage from appearing, so that it can be cleared before the system fails.

The high degree of hydraulic transmission oil will cause deterioration of the hydraulic seals and the oxidation of the hydraulic oil to ineffectiveness, which will cause corruption and deposits, and even block the damping holes and acceleration valve damage. Excessive degrees of temperature will cause the valve, The pump gets stuck, and continuous high temperatures can also pose a safety hazard.

Preparations before operating emulsifier equipment

Observe and observe the safety hazards on the exterior and surroundings of the machine. These can be damage wires, or whether there is water on the periphery. It may also the machine has damage or missing parts, etc.. These will affect production safety and personal safety, and eliminate them one by one.


After completing the production process, some operators may forget to reset settings. Some of the operational steps and not observe before the operation. Then there are some procedures that are irreversible during the production process, which may hinder or affect them. The production process brings unnecessary trouble to production.


Before production, it is essential to debug the machine to check whether the operating system of the machine is normal. Whether the components are operating normally, or the display light is flashing. Check if the temperature is suitable, and whether the vacuum environment is good. See if the homogenizer is working properly, etc.

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