What Differentiates Tube Filling and Sealing Machine from Ultrasonic Tube Sealing Machine?

tube filling and sealing machine

The tube filling and sealing machine and ultrasonic tube sealing machine differ from one another. With their own set of benefits and potential uses. Read on for a side-by-side comparison of these tube machines.

1. How it works

The tube filling and sealing machine fills liquids and semi-fluids into tube containers and seals them. It has several applications in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries, among others.

The ultrasonic tube sealing machine melts and seals the tube material with the heat from ultrasonic vibrations. You may use it to seal any kind of tubular item, including glass pipes, plastic pipes, and more.

2. Industry Applications

Medical and cosmetic tubes, among others, may benefit from the ultrasonic tube sealing machine’s highly durable sealing capabilities. In contrast, tube filling and sealing machines have extensive use in many industries, including those dealing with pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, and anything else that calls for the filling of liquids or semi-fluids.

3. Evaluating the pros and cons

Sealing Result

The tube filling and sealing machine is dependent on the material and process used to seal the tube. Leaks or weak seals are two problems that can happen when work doesn’t go right.

The ultrasonic tube sealing machine sets up ultrasonic vibration sealing, a method with high sealing performance and exceptional sealing strength.

Operational Complexity

It doesn’t take much effort to use the tube filling machine. After filling the container, it only needs to seal it. 

To achieve the ideal sealing effect, the ultrasonic tube machine has to adjust the duration and intensity of its ultrasonic vibrations.

Application Range

The tube filling and sealing machine fills and seals different liquid or semi-fluid products. It could be necessary to use different sealing materials and filling heads.

You may seal any kind of tubular item with the help of the ultrasonic tube sealing machine. The sealing effects are the same whether the tubes are made of glass or plastic.

Cost and Machine Maintenance

Ultrasonic tube sealing machines are often more costly than tube filling machines. This is a result of the latter’s intricate design. However, because of upkeep and the need to replace sealing materials, the tube filler may wind up costing more in the long term.

In conclusion, there are pros and cons to both tube filling and sealing machines and ultrasonic tube sealing machines; the best piece of equipment to use will depend on the job at hand.

Opt for an ultrasonic tube sealing machine if you want versatile machinery with strong sealing capabilities. A tube filling and sealing machine is a good option if the sealing requirements are low and you need to fill and seal liquid items.

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