What Is A Granule Packing Machine?

Today, store shelves are full of different kinds of goods that come in various shapes, sizes, and packages. These commercial products are easier to move and store, which brings in more customers at the same time. In some ways, we can say that changes in packaging technology have made a big difference in how quickly the global commodity economy has grown. As packing technology changes, so do the number and types of packing machines, just like granule packing machines, which are essential in both the food and non-food industries.

A granule packing machine packages granules like tea, sugar, salt, grains, nuts, rice, seeds, snacks, coffee, peanuts, plastic granules, rubber granules, chemical granules, etc. Granule packing machines are usually either fully automatic or semi-automatic. They each have unique qualities and benefits. To choose a suitable granule packing machine, it is important to understand what the packing needs are.

What are the different types of granule packing machines?

There are mainly two types of granule pouch packing machines: the vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machine and the horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) machine. As VFFS machines are one of the most popular types of granule packaging equipment, we will focus on them for now. Here in Makwell, we offer vertical granule packing machines such as small, chain bucket, and multi-head weigher packing machines.


granule packing machine


Small Granule Packing Machine

This small granule packing machine features an automatic sachet packing system. It can automatically complete the granule weighing, filling, bagging, sealing, cutting, and coding processes. In addition, the small granule weighing and packing machine is for low-volume production. It also has the advantages of small size and low cost.


granule packing machine


Chain Bucket Packing Machine

This small vertical filling and sealing machine for granules is semi-automatic. The material needs to be weighed and fed by hand. This chain bucket granular packing machine is a great way to package different kinds of snacks, such as beans, nuts, chips, popcorn, grains, and so on. Also, it has the advantage of combining multiple materials into a single bag.


granule packing machine


Multi-head Weigher Packing Machine

This multi-head weigher packing machine is a very effective way to pack granular food and non-food items. The main parts of this machine are the feeding system and the packing system. This multi-head weigher packing machine can have a z-type elevator and an output conveyor so that it can automatically weigh, fill, seal, form, cut, and print the date on the bag.

What are the features of Makwell automatic granule packing machines?

  1. The material is food-grade stainless steel, which is clean, sturdy, and safe.
  2. It is small in size and only covers a small portion of your factory.
  3. Granule packing machines have a simple structure with an excellent design that is easy to install, operate, and maintain.
  4. Automation at a high level, reducing costs and labor.
  5. It has numerous applications. Automatic granule sachet packing machines can handle a wide range of granule sizes.
  6. Uses a high-tech PLC control system and a big touch screen.
  7. Optional multi-language support that has international standards.
  8. OEM services are available for granule packing machine manufacture.
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