What is a volumetric filler?

What is a volumetric filler

What is a volumetric filler?: The volumetric filling machine fills containers with a certain amount of liquid, determined not by the bottle’s weight or height, but by the volume of liquid it displaces.

Volumetric Filling

The volumetric filler working principle is a pneumatically-powered linear actuator connected to a piston within a cylinder. The piston is forced forward and backward for each filling cycle.

As the piston goes forward and backward, a valve at the other end of the cylinder controls the flow of liquid by allowing it to flow out of the cylinder from the outfeed side and to enter the cylinder from the infeed side.

Adjusting the stroke length of the piston will change the fill volume. The piston’s forward and backward speeds are adjustable separately to get the right filling amounts at the correct rates.

A hose or pipe often connects a filling nozzle to the valve on the metering cylinder’s outfeed side. This nozzle is crucial to the filling process; its length, diameter, and you should choose a design that fits the liquid container. This is to avoid leaking, and have no other undesirable features.

In order to refill the metering cylinder as it slides rearward after each fill, a feed pipe connects the infeed side of the valve to the hopper or supply container.

Volumetric Filler

Transparent metering cylinders are applicable in a volumetric filler. This is for you to see the liquid movement by the piston and actuator assembly in real-time.

With the piston in an upward position, the liquid goes into the metering valve and the filling nozzles. The valves will adjust to allow liquid sucking into the metering cylinder by the piston once fully filling the metering cylinder. Accurate control over the volume of liquid displaced is possible by modifying the duration of the piston strokes.

It is also possible to adapt a volumetric filling machine to work with strong acids, alkalis, and bleaches. As 316 stainless steel is ineffective against these substances, the contact parts must be in glass and PVC.

After filling, the metering valve only lets liquid enter via the intake hoses. After a short delay, the actuator retracts the piston, refilling the measuring cylinders with liquid.

Volumetric Filler

2-head volumetric filling machine

This liquid filling machine sample can have the capacity to fill two containers simultaneously, making it a 2-head volumetric filler. Both pistons are operated by a single pneumatic actuator, guaranteeing fill volume uniformity. 

MAKWELL Volumetric Filling Machines

Applying this filling concept, we provide a range of filling machines with optional secondary filling speeds and other characteristics. Therefore, the last stages of the filling process can be at a slower rate, decreasing the risk of liquid spilling over the sides. No change in total volume results from adjusting the speed or beginning position of the secondary fill.

Fill capacities from 5 ml to 5 l in one cycle using a volumetric filler, which may vary from manually operated devices to fully automated assembly lines. You could also use multi-fire countdowns. This means that you can fill many containers at the same time. For example, to fill 25 liters, all you have to do is press the foot switch once, which will start five 5-litre fill processes.

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