What Is An Automatic Cream Filling Machine?

Skin rehydration is one of the most popular uses of cosmetic creams. Some of the others, like sunscreen and acne cream, can be used to treat or cure skin problems. There are many kinds of creams on the market, each of which has its own uses and benefits. They can be almost as thin as water or a lot thicker. Because the thickness of different products varies, the filling process can be with more than one filling machine. The essential factor is to choose the suitable liquid filler for the product material. One of the best filling solutions is an automatic cream filling machine.

This automatic cream filling machine is used in many manufacturing industries, such as food, daily chemicals, and more. It handles liquids with high viscosity and is easy to control with a computer (PLC) and a touch screen control panel. This machine is compact, has immersed filling, high measurement accuracy, and complete functions, and can be taken apart for cleaning. It can also work for different kinds of graphic containers. We use frames made of high-quality stainless steel and electrical parts made by world-famous brands. This cream filling machine meets the requirements of the GMP standard.


cream filling machine


What are the common applications of this cream filling machine?

This cream filler is suitable for 20 to 200ml plastic bottles, glass bottles, round bottles, square bottles, and hammer bottles. Applies as well in a round glass jar. Sample jars typically weigh 3 to 5 grams, and cosmetic cream containers range in size from 4 to 8oz. Filling lotions, ointment, cream, and other pasty liquidy products.

For that reason, this cream filler is applicable in the cosmetics, personal care, chemical, pharmaceutical, food industries, etc. It can fill facial cream, grease, emulsifiable paste, gel, or viscous fluids into bottles for capping and screwing and then output the finished product for businesses that use plastic or glass bottles as packaging containers.

What is the working process of this cream filling machine?

The working process can be broken down into six main stages: bottle feeding, bottle detecting, automatic material filling, automatic capping, screwing, and finished product discharging.

1. Bottle Entering/Feeding

Operators place empty bottles on a turntable. The weight of the bottles and the rotation of the table will send the bottles to a moving belt.

2. Bottle Detecting

When a bottle is missing from its position on the turntable, photoelectric sensor detects it and sends a signal to the computer. Which controls whether or not the material is filled in bottles.

3. Filling 

If a bottle is detected in the front station, the PLC controls the filling mouth that enters the bottle to fill the material. There will be no filling if there is no bottle.

4. Capping

Automatically arrange the caps using an elevator or vibrating plate. Capping with a vacuum is more effective and stable on bottles.

5. Servo Screwing

With the detected caps, the servo motor will control the force and speed of the twisting to make sure that caps are constantly screwed on the same way.

6. Bottle Discharge

Being that, once the capped bottles have been discharged, they will be passed on to the next step in the process.

What are the characteristics of this cream filling machine?

  1. SUS304 stainless steel parts that come into contact with liquids.
  2. Optional feeder turntable included that is cost-effective and space saver.
  3. This machine has an easy-to-use interface, accurate measurement, and precise positioning.
  4. Production is fully compliant with GMP standards and has received CE certification.
  5. Advanced PLC touch screen with servo motor control.
  6. As well as “No bottle, no filling, capping” feature.

What are the advantages of this cream filling machine? 

  1. This automatic cream filling machine has a beautiful clean design and uses automatic PLC control with straightforward operations. It has a high precision label and fast production speed.
  2. The accuracy of servo motor control labeling matches that of photoelectric.
  3. All things considered, this machine structure is simple and easy to modify to fit your cosmetic cream production needs.
Customize a Cosmetic Cream Production Line

In either case, like other liquid products, creams need production lines set up in a way that works best for them. Depending on the type of cosmetic cream and packaging, we can help you design and set up a custom liquid packaging line that gives you the results you want from liquid packaging processes. We have size and setup options of cosmetic filling machines that can fit your application’s needs and help with the process of putting it into action.

Furthermore, contact us if you want to talk to a liquid packaging expert who can help you get started on designing and putting together your cosmetic cream filling equipment system. Being that, once your custom cream packaging configuration are ready, we offer other services to help you keep your production line running well for many years.

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