What is bottle filling and capping machine?

What is bottle filling and capping machine?

What is bottle filling and capping machine? A bottle filling and capping machine is a filler machine used to fill liquids and other products into different bottle packaging. Essential components include base construction, filling nozzles, stainless steel slat conveyor belts, and piston pumps.

Bottle Filling and Capping Machine

A bottle filling machine fills water-based, semi-viscous, and foamy liquids. Filling various solid packaging, including bottles, containers, jars, and more. Whereas the packaging can be made of;

  • PET
  • glass
  • plastic
  • stainless steel
  • aluminum
  • copper, etc.

The type of liquids, container size, height, neck dimensions, and filling volume all affect how quickly a bottle filler works. In line with cGMP standards, the whole machine construction is finished in stainless steel. For more seamless operation, it has optional turn tables at the in-feed and out-feed units with independent drives corresponding to the flow of the bottles coming in and going out.

We provide a selection of machines that can fill at speeds of up to 120 bottles per minute in different kinds of bottle shapes and sizes, from round to flat and square.

Bottle Filling and Capping Machine Features You Should Know

  • Stainless steel structure machine body.
  • Combined filling and capping process on one platform.
  • Advanced no bottle, no filling system.
  • Excellent filling precision.
  • Cap using a screw or ROPP caps.
  • For automated calving, sterilization, and cleaning, stainless steel contact parts are easily removable.
  • Foam-free filling diving nozzle.
  • Non-pneumatic free spinning bottle separator.
  • AC frequency-adjustable speed drive.
  • Production-counting digital bottle counter.
  • Mechanism in real-time.
  • Optional GUI-based PLC system.
  • Automated bottle feeding and exit.
  • Minimal changeover. 
  • Validation documentation for IQ/OQ is available.

Bottle Filler and Capper Machine Wide Applications

A bottle filling machine is applicable to fill the following;

  • beverages, carbonated soft drinks
  • water
  • juice, milk
  • wine, sparkling wine, spirits
  • sauces, mayonnaise, jams, honey, yogurt, salad dressings
  • vinegar, oil
  • cosmetic creams, waxes,
  • inks, solvents, alcohol, bleaches, corrosives, etc.

What is the Bottle Filling and Capping Machine Working Principle?

Hand-feeding dry bottles on a stainless steel slat conveyor. Then, the bottles move fast enough to arrange correctly below the filling machine.

The filling machine has nozzles, a head, and syringes. The syringes are 316 stainless steel. The stopper secures the bottle while filling. Includes a sensor for the “no bottle, no filling” feature. 

The lower main gearbox contacts the eccentric blocks holding the syringes. By modifying the piston stroke length, you may adjust the volume. Non-return valves on syringes reduce volume variation while sucking and dispensing. 

The liquid reaches the filling nozzles via a silicon transparent tube. The cam system allows nozzles to go down while the starwheel holds the bottle and rises before filling. 

Bottles travel on a turn table after filling. The operator caps each one after a few bottles on the turn table. New bottles will be brought to the station for sealing. 

Rotation moves the sealing head. As it lowers, it seals. On the outfeed turn table, improperly capped bottles will collect.

Different Types of Bottle Filling and Capping Machines

Bottle fillers and cappers use different methods depending on liquid properties, flow, filling volume, and precision. We provide bottle filling systems with various filling methods, including the following:

  1. Manual Bottle Filling Machine
  2. Piston Bottle Filler
  3. Servo-Powered Bottle Filling Equipment
  4. Automatic Electronic Liquid Filler
  5. Volumetric Liquid Filler
  6. Bottle Filler with Gear Pump
  7. Bottle Filler with Peristaltic Pump
  8. Digital Liquid Filling Machine
  9. Filling Machine with Fireproofing 
  10. ROPP Screw-Cap Bottle Capper
  11. Screw-Cap Bottle Capping System
  12. ROPP Screw Cap type Bottle Capper Unit
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