What is Filling and Sealing Machine?

filling and sealing machine

The automatic filling and sealing machine is an all-in-one equipment to fill and seal different products in multiple industries. It consists of many models separated into two categories, the in-line and rotary. These are packaging solutions suitable for foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, creams, chemicals, etc.

The machines are adaptable to any manufacturing line and provide a high level of automation and flexibility. The parts are made that make them work at their best while also making it easy to clean every part of the system. It has a wide range of fillers that can be used with any product. There are both film and disc versions of all the models. And They can process many types of container materials, from plastic and paper to glass and other materials.


  • Perfect for small to medium-sized industries with low to medium production volumes. This machine can be small and used with an automated line or stand-alone equipment. It can work with or without an automatic line.
  • Use to fill and seal different types of products, such as liquid, thick, and pasty. This is a great choice if you work in the dairy industry, sauces, or creams.
  • The machine is applicable with a wide range of containers and is changeable to meet the needs of any manufacturing operation.
  • It can be designed and made in medium- to large-scale production. This equipment, suitable for packing and sealing, provides high precision and control.
  • The basic movements are all mechanical, which means a quick and accurate packing process, long-term dependability, and little maintenance.
  • The machine has a very simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Rotary-type equipment can process three containers every cycle for medium- to high-volume manufacturing.
  • For simple cleaning and maintenance, all sides are accessible.
  • A rotary machine can fill and seal at the same time. Each cycle may be able to handle a certain number of containers.
  • It has a clean, modern design with plenty of access to the processes.


The in-line fill sealers are types of fully automatic filling and sealing machines that have several tracks and can work from at least three line productions. These models can make many products at a very high rate by carefully filling and then sealing the packages.

  • These machines are excellent for high-volume manufacturing to meet the needs of large industries that need speed, precision, and reliability.
  • These models have many options that you can use to make your machine unique.
  • Filling and sealing machines in the in-line series are very flexible to the needs of industries with high production demands.
  • Capable of packing 3-8 containers per cycle.
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