What is the Role of the Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer in Mayonnaise Making Machine?

mayo making machine

This vacuum emulsifying mixer is the processing equipment of the mayo making machine. It has functions for mixing, dispersing, homogenizing, emulsifying, heating/cooling, and absorbing powder all in one system. This machine is used to make mayonnaise, pastes, cosmetic ointments, creams, lotions, etc. It is popular mixing equipment in the food and cosmetic industries that produce high-quality commercial products.

This mayonnaise making machine is built with parts from well-known global brands, ensuring long-term operating quality and dependability. Its overall design gives excellent client satisfaction performance. The main composition of the vacuum emulsifying mixer is the water phase pot, oil phase pot, emulsifying pot, vacuum system, lifting system (optional), electric control system, and operation platform.

When the materials are under vacuum, the emulsifier uses high-shear forces to distribute the particles evenly from one phase to another. The mechanical action will cause the materials to process in the tight space between the stator and the rotor. Then, the materials are instantly and evenly dispersed and emulsified with hydraulic shearing, rotational pressing, impacting, breaking, and turbulence more than 100,000 times per minute. After high frequency and alternating circulation, the finished products will be stable and high-quality without bubbles.

Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer 


  • Speed is adjustable using the SIEMENS frequency converter, applicable with many different manufacturing technologies.
  • Vacuum defoaming makes materials aseptic. Vacuum material sucking, which is especially effective for powder products, may be used to prevent dust.
  • Long working life and excellent sealing effect.
  • The body of the mayonnaise making machine and the pipes are mirror polished and meet all GMP standards.
  • SUS316L stainless steel for all material contact parts.
  • Choose between electric or steam heating.
  • Optional use of advanced PLC touch screen control.
  • The emulsifying pot lid can have a hydraulic lifting mechanism, making cleaning easier and more visible.
  • Tilt discharge option for the emulsifying pot.

Features and Performances 

  1. The mayonnaise manufacturing manufacture we offer includes a wide range of units. The systems for homogenizing have upper, lower, internal, and exterior circulating homogenization. Single-way mixing, double-way mixing, and helical ribbon mixing are the different types of mixing systems. Both single-cylinder and double-cylinder lifting systems are available. This high-quality equipment is customizable to meet your production needs.
  2. For speed modification, triple mixing uses an imported frequency converter that meets various technical needs.
  3. Through advanced technology, the homogenizing structure adopts a double-end mechanical seal. The maximum speed of rotation for emulsifying can reach 4,200 RPM, and the maximum fineness of shearing can reach 0.25m.
  4. Vacuum degassing makes the materials pass the aseptic requirements. The vacuum sucking method removes dust, especially for powdered materials.
  5. The emulsifying pot cover may be lifted, making cleaning easier and the cleaning effect more visible. The emulsifying pot can also be tilted.
  6. An imported three-layer stainless steel plate for welding the pot body. Mirror polishing of the tank body and the pipes complies with GMP criteria.
  7. The tank body may heat or cool the materials based on technical needs. The most common heating modes are steam heating and electric heating.
  8. Electric devices use advanced configurations that meet all international standards to ensure that the whole machine’s management is reliable and stable.

Main Mixer Composition

The vacuum emulsifying mixer is mainly made up of a water pot, an oil pot, an emulsifying pot, a vacuum system, a lifting system (optional), an electric control system (PLC is optional), and an operating platform. This forms the mayo making machine.

Application Industries 

This machine is primarily used in the following industries: daily chemical care products, biopharmaceutical industry. As well as food industry, paint and ink, petrochemical industry, printing and dyeing auxiliaries. And pulp and paper, pesticide, fertilizer, plastic and rubber, electrics and electronics, fine chemical industry, and so on. The emulsifying effect of this mayonnaise making machine is stronger in materials with a high base viscosity and solid content.


This vacuum emulsifying mixer is best in making mayonnaise, as well as other materials that have a high viscosity and solid content.


  • Not only it is useful in making mayonnaise, but also creams, lotions, pastes, ointments, pastes, conditioners, etc. This mayo making machine has an advanced scraping board blending oar works with any complicated recipe and gets the best results.
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene scraping board fits into the body of the blending groove and scrapes away viscous material on the boiler wall.
  • Installed homogenizer on the bottom of the boiler so that the motor power can be increased more thoroughly and strongly. It can have a full homogenizing effect on a few productions.
  • A powerful balance isotactic curve rotor and a stator with the proper structure work together to cut, rub, and centrifuge liquids to make sure the mayo is smooth and delicious.
  • The mirror polishing of the boiler body and pipe surface conforms to Daily Chemical and GMP regulations.
  • You may choose a frequency conversion timing homogenizer with a maximum rotation speed of 4500 r/min.
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