What Is Tube Filling and Sealing Machine?

Aluminum Tube Filling and Sealing Machine MWAF-2-120Aluminum Tube Filling and Sealing Machine MWAF-2-120

Our company is a tube filling machine manufacturer in China. The machines we manufacture for filling and sealing tubes are best to fill and seal different liquid products. Cream, gel, ointment, shampoo, toothpaste, glue, grease, sauce, and more. This tube filling and sealing machine fills products with different viscosities and flow rates. The equipment can work with other kinds of equipment and is consistent with Good Manufacturing Practices.

What Are the Types of Tube Filling Machines?

 For tube filling and sealing, this automatic filling and sealing machine uses a method that depends on the type of tube and the filling product. Here are some types of tubes:

  1. Plastic Co-extruded tubes
  2. Metal Collapsible tubes
  3. Laminated tubes
  4. Aluminum tubes

aluminum tube filling machine

This automatic filling and sealing machine is entirely automated and can discharge hoses, fill, seal, print dates, and perform other tasks automatically. For semi-automatic, you may have to put the hose in and seal the tail by hand.

How Does Tube Filling Machine Operates?

This tube filling and sealing machine is automatic with filling stations for placing tubes on a round rotary plate. At the first station, this is where the process of filling occurs, and then the process moves to the following stations. The tube is then folded. After two folds, the tube moves to the next station for coding. The filled tube is then ejected to make filled tubes that are all done.

What Are the Advantages of a Tube Filling Machine?

🔵 Consistent and Reliable

Automatic tube filling provides a reliable and consistent amount of filling. This lotion filling machine does a great job of being dependable when it comes to filling.

🔵 Increase Productivity

A complete tube filling line makes it easy for companies to quickly fill creams and lotions in tubes. It makes production more efficient because of how fast and accurate it is.

🔵 Low Labor Cost

For automatic filling of tubes, you may only need fewer people to do the work, which can lower the cost of production. This cream filling machine is a cost-effective way for completing operation tasks.

🔵 Less Product Waste
This tube filling machine is very accurate and efficient, so less wasting products.

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