What kind of products is the cream filling machine suitable for?

cream filling machine


These creams and lotions can have practically water-like viscosities or considerably thicker and less fluid. Because these products have various thicknesses, several different cream filling machines can be used to package them. The key is to choose a lotion or cream filling machine that is compatible with the lotions and creams.

Different Filling Systems for Different Products

The overflow filling machine is often the best filling option for lotions with a viscosity more similar to water. Since they operate on the fill-to-level concept, overflow fillers are also a strong choice for products in transparent bottles or containers. Overflow nozzles seal the bottle opening before dispensing the product within. Extra product will “overflow” out of the container once the liquid reaches the required level and return to the tank, reducing product waste as well. Also, there are other and better alternatives for creams and lotions that are thicker.

Piston and Pump Cream Filling Machines

Piston and pump cream filling machines are both capable of filling cream products with high viscosities. Filling machines with pumps provide options as you can customize the pump to work with any kind of cream or lotion.

Time- or Pulse-Based System

A time- or pulse-based system may be used to produce a precise volumetric fill. Pulse-based systems will be measured by some function of the pump, while time-based systems will simply fill for the selected time. For instance, a gear pump’s pulse can be a 14, 12, or complete rotation of the gear.

Fill creams and lotions with higher viscosity with piston cream filling machines, which may be the top pick for the thickest liquids. Also, in a volumetric fill, the piston moves back to let the product into the cylinder. When it moves back to the cylinder, it pushes the product into bottles. This automatic cream filling machine can also handle thin and thick liquids. This makes them the perfect choice for companies that package a wide range of creams and lotions.

These cream filling machines are available in various configurations. Fill using a fully automated lines to semi-automatic lines and even desktop models for locations with little floor space. As a cream filling machine manufacturer, we’d be happy to tell you more about the many options available from our filling machine and packaging equipment lines. Check out our filling machine resources online, or get in touch with a Makwell expert right now!

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