What Makes Ultrasonic Tube Sealing Machines So Popular?

Ultrasonic Tube Sealing

Sealing tube plastics with the ultrasonic tube sealing machine is the new sealing method today. Ultrasonic waves made by the transducer make the plastic seal get very hot and melt very quickly, which gives a strong sealing effect. With ultrasonic tube sealing machines, no additional equipment is needed.

This sealer is great in many ways, like how quickly it seals, how excellent the finish is, and doesn’t harm chemicals. Break the old way of sealing methods, which is why it’s so popular in businesses today.


The ultrasonic tube sealing machine can seal tubes made of plastic and composite materials. All operations work automatically.

Advantages of ultrasonic tube sealing machine

  1. The machine seals with ultrasonic technology, which makes the result stable and long-lasting. The sealing lines are clean and don’t get damaged as a result.
  2. Using a simple drop-in operation, the machine will automatically mark the tube, fill it, seal it, code it, and cut the tail; this is a fast and convenient operation.
  3. Research and development of an automatic ultrasonic frequency tracking electric box with no need for manual frequency adjusting. Strengthening the amount of power, the automatic compensation function makes sure that the machine’s power doesn’t drop after a long time of use and can be freely flexible depending on the hose material and size.
  4. The output is consistent, and the failure rate is very low, which means that the electric boxes have a longer service life.
  5. This machine is easy to use because it has a PLC touch screen.
  6. Acid, alkali, and corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel apply throughout the machine.
  7. Because of the high-sensitivity electric eye design stepping motor, the standard speed is fast and accurate.
  8. With the help of a filling machine that can handle both paste and liquid, precise control of the filling is possible within ±1%.

Characteristics and Performance

  1. In ultrasonic tube sealing machines, using an automatic drop tube and automatic machine labeling and filling makes it easy and convenient to use. Coding, cutting the tail, and making the finished product are also provided.
  2. The Ten-Station Divider is placed in a precise way to cut down on the number of defective products made.
  3. Sealing is done through ultrasonic technology. Because of this, the sealing pattern is clear and has not deformed.
  4. The automatic identification system has a “no tube, no filling, and no sealing” system.
  5. A filling head with anti-drip technology.
  6. You can set up the fault alarm system when using the PLC touch screen control. The Fault Information is visible on the touch screen, which makes it easy to see and understand. This lets you quickly find and fix any problem.
  7. The company configures the mold frequency tester in order to compare the mold frequency with the machine frequency.
  8. Matching on a large scale extends the service life of molds and electric boxes.
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