Where To Buy A Capsule Machine?

Many factors, including cost, usage (commercial or private), desired output (small pharmacy shop or pharmaceutical company), and preferred capsule type (soft gel or capsule), might influence a consumer’s decision on what or where to buy a capsule machine.

If you read what follows, you’ll be able to find the capsule machines that work best for your manufacturing needs. Before deciding on where to buy a capsule machine, we’ll break down the various capsule machines into their parts and highlight their salient features. This is to provide a concise introduction to the wide variety of options available.

MAKWELL Capsule Machines

Capsule Polishing Machine

In addition to polishing and sorting, this device can discharge static electricity. Its primary function is to remove dust from capsules. The capsules are de-dusted, cleaned, and polished by machines. It keeps manufacturing running smoothly because it can detect and reject empty or ultra-lightweight capsules.

Capsule Polishing Machine

The pharmaceutical industry may benefit significantly from this system, which can process as many as 300,000 capsules each hour. The machine’s installation footprint is small, yet its operational time is substantial. An important factor when looking on where to buy a capsule machine. It’s a cutting-edge innovation. It can be set up and taken down quickly and easily, using very little power.

Capsule Polishing Machine Advantages
Enhanced Machine Accuracy

High precision is necessary for pharmaceutical product manufacturing. Even a little error might result in major mortality for the consumers. The usage of this device ensures accuracy as it can find errors. The manufactured capsules are exceptionally high quality, accomplished quickly and more affordably.

Device Flexibility

Different-sized and shaped capsules will be fine for this device. Because of its adaptability, it saves money compared to buying separate equipment for making various sizes and forms of capsules.

Low Cost of Production

The pharmaceutical industry may benefit greatly by adapting the usage of this equipment. Cost-effectively processing 300,000 capsules per hour is now possible thanks to these devices. The cost of producing this output by hand is too high to be practical.

Capsule Counting Machine

A sophisticated sensor-based counting device, an automated capsule counting machine counts and fills bottles with capsules. It has a specifically created sensor that senses capsules from all four sides wholly and accurately, excluding any possibility of double sensing.

where to buy a capsule machine

Capsule Counting Machine Advantages
Fast and Precision

This section is for you if you want to increase your production rate and spend less time. Another consideration is precision. A capsule counting machine is one of a kind due to its remarkable precision of up to 99.9%. 

Speed should be at the top of your priorities when purchasing a machine. Most automatic capsule counters provide BPM (bottles per minute) speed guarantee. Manufacturers often use capsules or pharmaceutical tablets (1/4″ Diameter X 1/8″ Height) with 100 tablets per container to measure BPM. The factors in determining production time are product management, counting mechanism assembly design, and bottle filling rate.

Capsule counting machines are the most accurate. FDA-regulated capsules and tablets must apply to calculate bottle quantities. These counting devices recognize pills falling through a sensor or camera system. The counting systems vary greatly. The better the machine, the better its counting framework. 

Easy to Operate

This machine is often very user-friendly. Even if you have fifty or more bottles that need to be packed daily, you can do the task on time. A simple shift in alignment is all that will do to maintain the different capsule sizes. The cleaning task is easy since it requires a short time.

Counting Accuracy

Its tried-and-true technology guarantees impressive results. Due to its accurate counting cycle, you need not worry about any discrepancies. The equipment doesn’t shatter the medications, but it can spot cracks all the same. If pills or capsules break while counting, the system will alarm. 

This high-precision counting equipment is ideal for tablets and capsules of every size, shape, and condition, including those packaged in bottles and bags. An intuitive control structure and touchscreen make getting to work easy without wasting time on setup or tweaking.

Encapsulation Machine (Capsule Filling Machine)

Encapsulation machines are essential for pharmaceutical organizations and people seeking the finest equipment. Encapsulators, or capsule fillers, fill empty capsules with powders or granules. Three primary encapsulation machines exist. Manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic capsule filling machine.

There are two distinct types of automatic encapsulation machines.

  • Hard Gelatin Capsule Filling Machine
  • Liquid Capsule Filling Machine
Manual Capsule Filling Machine

Hand-operated capsule fillers, or manual capsule filling machines, are often for low-volume manufacturing runs. Acrylic, a solid and clear substance, is often used as a manual capsule filler and does not need many complicated mechanics. 

This device fills granules, pellets, and powders into capsules. It may also pack thick granules or non-aqueous liquids inside capsules. Manual capsule fillers are common in small facilities because of their low price, portability, ease of use, and minimal maintenance requirements.

Manual Capsule Filling Machine

Manual Capsule Filling Machine Advantages
Capsule Adaptability

The manual filler is the only capsule filler that can fill linked and separate empty capsules. Manual encapsulators that are capable of filling separated capsules are considerably less expensive than those that can fill connected capsules. By using them, you may be able to remove caps from the body more quickly.

Mobility With Simple Maintenance

The best manual capsule fillers are made from acrylic sheets, which may significantly reduce their weight. It only has a few moving parts, so it’s simple to take apart and clean. The stainless steel components and acrylic sheets meet the cGMP hygiene criteria.  


Manual encapsulation machines are substantially more affordable. In addition, there are no hidden fees relating to setup or upkeep, as taking it apart, reassembling it, or cleaning it is a breeze. It uses no power at all, even when filling capsules.

Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine 

Medium-scale manufacturing requires an average production of between 10,000 and 20,000 capsules per hour, which is where semi-automatic encapsulation machines come in. 

These capsule fillers can fill hard gelatin capsules with pellets, powders, and granules, but not liquid or suspension. They incorporate pneumatic and powder-filling auger systems for automation. Even so, you’ll require at least one worker to keep an eye on the filling procedure.

The streamlined design and efficiency make them the clear winner when comparing the two methods. Additionally, the dosage disc helps semi-automatic capsule filling machines provide consistent results every time.

Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Advantages

Semi-automatic capsule fillers can provide reliable doses because they have PLC control systems and other automation parts. 

Boost Efficiency

This machine is ideal for commercial production runs of 10,000 to 20,000 capsules per hour due to its considerably increased operating efficiency.


The very first significant advantage is its low cost. Cost-wise, semi-automatic capsule filling machines are more efficient than their manual counterparts as they only need one person to operate. The cost of a semi-automatic encapsulator is often substantially lower than that of a fully automated one, sometimes by as much as 50 percent.

Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine 

Stainless steel in construction, a fully automatic capsule machine’s electromechanical encapsulation mechanisms allow for precise, rapid capsule filling with little disruption to the workplace. 

A fully automatic capsule filling machine is your best investment if you own a pharmaceutical company. Though it can be pricier, it ultimately saves money as it requires fewer workers.

It’s simple to include in an existing supplement capsule filling line. An automatic capsule filler that can fill between 12,000 and 450,0000 capsules per hour is a game-changer for any company. 

Automatic capsule filling machines are usually the most advanced in the pharmaceutical business. High-quality automated encapsulators are suitable for commercial production despite their high cost and restricted mobility. It’s the pill filler that can boost your company long-term.

Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine 

Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Advantages
High Level of Productivity

When looking on where to buy a capsule machine, especially automated ones, we can be the best. Fully automatic capsule filling machines may operate without human intervention at any stage of the production cycle. An automated encapsulators filling capability of 12,000 to 450 000 capsules per hour makes it ideal for mass manufacturing without human involvement.

Ideal Safety Precautions

Automatic sensors in this capsule filler may detect filling faults, adding an extra layer of safety. When the door opens, it is immediately turned off because of the interlock safety feature. Its built-in diagnostics system will raise an alarm if it detects problems, allowing prompt servicing.

Low Waste, Accurate Filling

The dosing disc and sensors make the precise filling possible, allowing for efficient production. It may even recycle unused powder during the filling process, thus reducing waste. 

Enhance Accessibility and Compatibility 

One of its many wonderful features is its compatibility. You can increase the productivity of specific automatic machinery by installing updates whenever new technology is available. It’s also simple to combine with other ancillary machines into a more complex assembly line.

Capsule Filling Machine Differences

The output is where these various capsule filling machines diverge most. A manual capsule filler may often only produce 600 to 4000 capsules each hour. In contrast, a semi-automatic capsule filling machine can fill 10,000–20,000 capsules each hour. The automatic ones can fill anywhere between 12,000 and 450,000 capsules every hour.

Regarding where the capsule machine is most valuable, manual capsule fillers are ideal for home or micro-manufacturing operations. Features such as PLCs and mechanical drive systems make semi- and fully-automatic capsule fillers suitable for small- and large-scale production runs.

Because of the diversity in their mechanisms, the prices of capsule fillers are also relatively diverse. The lowest-priced machine is a manual one. The cost of a semi-automatic or automated model is much higher. 

At the Closing

Every buyer should research capsule machines and other capsule filling methods before deciding on where to buy a capsule machine. You likely have a good idea of what this vital pharmaceutical equipment entails and are looking for high-quality devices from a reputable producer. 

Where to buy a capsule machine?

As a capsule machine manufacturer, we offer various types of capsule machines. Finally, working with a reputable capsule machine manufacturer is crucial if you’re looking for high-quality encapsulators for industrial purposes. Our services are comprehensive, so you won’t have to go anywhere else for anything. We are the experts that will help your company succeed in the long term.

When it comes to pharmaceutical equipment, MAKWELL is at the top of the line. We provide capsule machines of every kind. Find one that works for your specific requirements and helps your company flourish.

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