Which Cosmetic Filling Machine Is The Best For Each Type Of Cosmetic Filling?

Cosmetics are a mix of chemical compounds that can come from natural or manufactured sources. With cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers, and balms, skin care cosmetics use to clean, exfoliate, protect, and nourish the skin. To clean the body, you may use products like shampoo and body wash that are more on general personal care. With these products, a cosmetic filling machine is helpful.

As a company, we specialize in cosmetic filling machine manufacture along with filling machines and packaging equipment. Our line of cosmetic filling machines is the best way to get your cosmetic products into containers of different sizes and shapes. We offer filling solutions that are easy to clean, flexible, quick, and, most importantly, made of materials that can be used to fill any kind of cosmetic. From filling to capping and labeling, our equipment continues to meet the cosmetic and personal care industry’s ever-changing needs.


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Cosmetic Filling Machines


We have gravity fillers, overflow fillers, piston fillers, and pump fillers for different types of cosmetics. Here are a few of the most common types of filling machines for cosmetics used for each method of cosmetic filling;

Filling and Capping Cosmetics

Filling and capping cosmetics are available with one of two types of machines: a monoblock filling and capping machine or a linear filling machine.

🔵 Cosmetics Filling and Capping Machine

The filling and capping machine for cosmetics is our filling solution for filling and capping different-sized containers of cosmetic products.  Best for round, square, or other shape of glass or plastic bottles. It introduces new products made with advanced technology. To fill, this machine uses a piston pump with a plunger or a peristaltic pump. It has an automatic upper cover, an automatic screw cap, and an electrical machine that is built-in. It is affordable and beneficial, has a small footprint, and is widely applies in the pharmaceutical, pesticide, chemical, food, and cosmetics industries for cosmetic liquid packaging.

🔵 Monoblock Cosmetic Filling and Capping Machine

A monoblock filling and capping machine packages glass or plastic jars that are usually sealed in more than one step, like the lining piece for facial creams. Depending on how thick the cosmetics are, the machine can use either a piston pump or a peristaltic pump. The straight-line cosmetic jar filling machine can fill a wide range of bottle types without having to change accessories. The next step, which is to cap the bottle, can be chosen based on the cap.

A monoblock filling and capping machine is also best for small containers of cosmetics like nail polish. Find out more about Nail Polish Filling Machine!

Easy Filling Different Types of Cosmetic Bottles

Piston filling machines are excellent for filling and capping cosmetic bottles. This is because most cosmetics come in more than one type of bottle. A piston filling machine can fill many different kinds of bottles without needing to switch out parts.

🔵 Automatic Cosmetics Piston Filling Machine

Piston fillers measure and dispense products that flow easily into containers, like thin or moderately thick cosmetic liquids. Each machine has one or more pistons that measure volume. In the intake stroke of each fill/release cycle, the product is taken from the container or hopper and put into the product cylinder. As soon as the product cylinder is filled to the set level, the down stroke starts. The product comes out of the cylinder and into the container using the piston. Check out our new advanced automatic cosmetic filling machines!

Tubed Cosmetics

Whenever cosmetic tubes need filling and sealing, tube filling and sealing machines is the perfect solution.

🔵 Automatic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

Automatic tube filling and sealing machines are extensively applicable in the toothpaste, cosmetics, medical, and food industries. These machines are highly automatic, with features such as automatic loading, automatic color matching, automatic sealing, batch numbering, and automatic discharge. Suitable for filling plastic, metal, and laminated tubes, and for packaging face wash, ointment, lotion, sunscreen, etc.

Filling cosmetics isn’t too different from filling food and beverages, as both types of products are filled with the same machines. Even if the substance is as thick as paste, the right amount has to go into each container. Because of this, every cosmetic filling machine has different type of product in mind. Filling machines for cosmetics are made by us to meet the needs of an industry whose needs are constantly changing. We’re working on ensuring that our equipment for filling cosmetic containers can fit a wider range of shapes and sizes. We make the best filling machines that can handle different levels of viscosity!

Find out more about our cosmetic cream filling machines for more information, and see what suits your cosmetics production!

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