Which Materials Are Most Suitable For Cosmetic Filling Machines?

cosmetic filling

As the name suggests, cosmetic filling machines are designed specifically for filling cosmetics. And although you may think of cosmetics as a small group of products, there are actually many different varieties of them depending on the applications.

Cosmetics are made from a mix of different chemical compounds. Some of these mixtures come from nature, while others are made in a lab. Some cosmetics apply for skin care are cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers, and balms. These products clean, exfoliate, protect, and restore the skin. Clean your body with cosmetics like shampoo and body wash, which specializes for a wider range of personal care needs. Extreme forms of cosmetic makeup for performances, fashion shows, and people in costumes to completely change the way the face looks to make it look like a different person, creature, or object. Makeup makes a person look better or can also hide blemishes, bring out a person’s natural features, and add color to the face. Lastly, cosmetics can make our body smell better as well.

The majority of cosmetics are liquids or creams, although there are also some powders and solid products. However, even if there are many various types of cosmetics, they all have one thing in common: being externally applicable. The skin, lips, brows, and eyes may all benefit from these products, as can the rest of the body (especially the hands and nails), as well as the hair. As a subset, makeup refers to products containing color pigments that change a person’s appearance. Cosmetics manufacturers only differentiate between “decorative” cosmetics intended to alter the wearer’s appearance and “care” cosmetics made for skin and personal care; this is a common practice.

What are the different classifications of cosmetics?

1. Functional Classification 

Special-purpose cosmetics and non-special-purpose cosmetics are two types of cosmetics. There are three main categories of non-special purpose cosmetics: cleaning cosmetics such as face cleanser and shampoo, care cosmetics such as lotion and emollient, and aesthetic cosmetics such as eye shadow, mascara, rouge, lipstick, etc. Some examples of special-use cosmetics are those that help hair grow, tone body (which can help you lose weight), make breasts bigger, dye hair, curl hair, protect skin from the sun, etc.

2. Usage Classification 

Cosmetics can be broken down to use into skin cosmetics such as makeup remover oil, moisturizer, etc. Hair cosmetics such as shampoo, perms, etc. Oral cosmetics such as toothpaste, mouthwash, etc., and nail cosmetics such as nail polish, nail wash, etc.

3. Cosmetic Formulation Classification

Cosmetics can be categorized as;

    • Water-based products (perfume, lotion, etc.)
    • Oil-based products (sunscreen, massage oil, hair oil, etc.)
    • Emulsion products (cleaning cream, moisturizer, emulsion, etc.)
    • Powder products (powder, toner, etc.)
    • Block products (powder, rouge, etc.)
    • Suspension products (foundation, etc.)
    • Surfactant solvent products (shampoo, hand soap, etc.)
    • Gel products (cleansing gel, sleep mask, etc.)
    • Aerosol products (hair spray, mousse, etc.)
    • Cream products (shampoo, cream masks, etc.)
    • Ingot products (lipstick, etc.)
    • Pen products (lip liner, eyebrow pencil, etc.)

What are the common cosmetic containers used in cosmetic filling machines?

As previously said, there is a vast range of cosmetic products, most of which are liquids and creams, resulting in a great number of containers for main cosmetic packaging. Tubes of facial cleanser, glass jars of cream, plastic round bottles with pump-head tops of moisturizer, little glass bottles of nail polish, and so forth.



Giving all details of the product, such as the type of cosmetic product and desired packaging materials, to us automatic filling machine manufacturers will help to get you the most suitable cosmetic filling machine your facility needs. Whether you need a cosmetic bottle filling machine, cosmetic cream filling machine, or any type of cosmetic filling solution, we can have them customized for you!

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