Why Automatic Spout Pouch Filling Machine Is Popular Today?

spout pouch filling machine

One of the types of packaging that is growing the fastest is stand-up pouches. Pouches are highly adaptable and easily customizable. They are widely used because of the lower price and better for the environment, and Spout stand-up pouches are suitable for liquid packaging. As spout pouches grew, so did the spout pouch filling machine.

This automatic spout pouch filling machine is commonly used for filling and capping stand-up pouches for liquid packaging of jelly, beverages, milk, fruit juice, seasoning, detergent, and so on. Spout stand-up pouches are suitable for liquid packaging. This machine has fully automatic production processes that include;

  • Pouch Loading
  • Printing (optional feature, printing machine required)
  • No Pouch Detection
  • Vacuum (optional feature)
  • Filling (use of leak-proof nozzles)
  • Nitrogen Flushing (optional feature)
  • Spout Cleaning
  • Feeding and Inserting Cap
  • Control Cap-Screwing
  • No cap detection
  • Pouch Discharge
  • Transport (optional feature, conveyor belt required)

What are the highlights of the spout pouch filling and capping machine?

  1. This pouch filler machine has a pneumatic drive, a mechanical drive, and PLC control, all built into one unit.
  2. Dosing and filling are accurate, and the volume tolerance is 1.5%.
  3. If there are no pouches available, the filling head will stop filling.
  4. The capping torque is adjustable.
  5. Two language versions of the touch screen are available.
  6. Two emergency stop buttons are provided to ensure the safety of production.
  7. Auto detections include no pouch, no filling, no cap stop, and automatic vibrator operation.
  8. This spout pouch filling capping machine is made of food grade 304# stainless steel.
  9. To guarantee hygiene, a dust-proof covering is used.
  10. It can connect to a CIP cleaning system, a PLC control system, and a touch screen system and comes with an air purification system and a safety switch. Some functions can also be added or removed based on the production requirements.
  11. The variable frequency variable speed system controls the production rate.
  12. The precise indexer helps get the turnplate in the correct position.
  13. This filling and capping machine has an automatic pouch feeding mechanism to cut down on the amount of work needed.
  14. Uses a special metering device to make sure to add the right amount of liquids.
  15. The vacuum and insert-type liquid filling can keep liquids from splashing and bubbling.
  16. This machine has a cap-handling and tightening device that is automatic and adjustable. This makes sure that the cap is tight up well.
  17. For added safety, the pouch capping equipment includes an organic glass screen and the automatic standing pouch unloading device.
  18. This spout pouch filling machine features a stainless steel rack, an electroplated pressing plate, and a plate housing made of 304 stainless steel.

What are the characteristics of the spout pouch filling machine? 

  1. When filling materials that tend to foam, this spout pouch filling sealing machine can be used to clean the spout. Fast cleaning and effective sealing are some of its functional advantages.
  2. No matter how large the output is, this stand-up spout pouch filling capping machine’s auto capping function can store a lot of caps at once, automatically arrange caps, and send caps.
  3. This spout pouch filling and capping machine uses a constant magnetic torque capping device for the capping section. This has the advantages of constant torque and tightness that is adjustable.
  4. This machine uses the bagless inspection function, which provides high-precision bagless inspection with no bag and no filling.
  5. Spout pouch filling automatically deliver bags, and the track does this for you, saving you time. These functions can, of course, be used based on the consumer’s needs.

Automatic Spout Pouch Filling Capping Machine Is Suitable In;

Be that as it may, automatic spout pouches, milk filling, jelly, soybean, fruit juice, seasoning, liquid detergent, laundry detergent, edible oil, lubricant oil filling, and more!

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