Why Choose MAKWELL Sauce Packing Machine?

sauce packing machine

Our sauce packing machine can also be a tomato sauce packing machine, ketchup packing machine, paste sauce packing machine, liquid bag packaging machine, etc. It is popular for sachet-packing condiments such as ketchup, chocolate jam, mayonnaise, margarine, and mustard.

It fills quickly, precisely, and in line with guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Our line for packing sauce sachets has a fast pneumatic piston filler that can fill up to 3600 bags per hour. Bags can have three or four side seals or a central closure.

The three-side-seal sachet-packing machine is ideal for producing sauce sachets. The three side seal sachets are from a roll of film laminated with paper and plastic. If you’re looking for the same results as a 3-side seal sachet, the 4-side seal sauce sachet packing machine is for you. The four-side seal former differs from its two-side sibling in a few key ways. The sealers for closing the sachet are also unique. The primary distinction between the middle and outer seals is the former.

These machines automatically pack products like oil, sauce, honey, tomato ketchup, syrup, lotion, etc., that are both viscous and free-flowing. Serrated sealant patterns are an option. It covers high-end strip to low-end strip sealing to ensure no leakage occurs.

Our Sauce Packing Machine has a complete liquid packing solution from;

  • Raw material transfer pump
  • Hopper
  • Level detector
  • Piston filler
  • Sachet form-fill-seal machine
  • End belt conveyor

ketchup packing machine

The Sauce Packing Machine has the following features:

  1. PID intelligent temperature control device, adjustable Chinese/English display, thicker 304 stainless steel box, user-friendly controls.
  2. The unloading system has a piston design that is simple to adjust and has a low margin of error.
  3. The incision is flat and excellent using an electric rolling cutter and a three-sided seal. Shaking the hand is fast and simple to raise or lower the knife position.
  4. To avoid material drawing or clumping, viscous materials can have heating mix cylinders.
  5. A conveyor belt for finished products makes it simple to pack and discharge finished goods.
  6. The PLC software controls the whole machine. And the primary electronic parts are all from well-known national and international manufacturers. Easy operation and reliable control.
  7. Equipped with features such as automated filling, measuring, bagging, sealing, batch printing, counting, and product output.
  8. The horizontal seal uses independent servo control and has a straightforward, dependable construction.
  9. The storage bin uses automatic continuous feeding.
  10. With cursor correction and compensating features, it operates steadily.
  11. It is simple to install, disassemble, clean, and sterilize.


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Operational Advantages

Sauce sachet packaging machines are known in the packaging machine industry for their simple design, slower production rate, and less common uses. That used to be the case because the biggest problem was that it took time to stop and start quickly and precisely. But thanks to modern sauce packing machine technology, all has changed.

Our latest modern sauce packing machine layout significantly benefits liquid sachet applications.

Upgraded, More Intelligent Control System

The controlling movements have been made more modern with the help of servo motors and a high-speed PLC that can sync up on its own. No more problems come from the past. The process is taking less time and getting easier to use. Also, the mechanics-based solutions that used to take a long time and be hard are now quick and easy.

Easy Sync

All essential operations are ready as the factory defaults to guarantee that the machine’s synchronization stays the same regardless of how much necessary work.

Reduce downtime, Simpler Maintenance

Motion control technology also makes repairs and downtime faster. This is because our sauce packing machine has no internal parts to keep it running reliably and without stopping. All motion is possible by linear guides and servo motors. In other words, simple things like sealing time, filling delay, sealer pressure, etc., are adjustable to meet the needs of each customer without a highly expert operator.

High-Speed, Perfect Packaging

The main key to getting higher capacities out of a machine is to be able to change how fast its different parts move. The most important thing to do to avoid leaks and mistakes is to fill liquid into sachets as quickly as possible. So it can’t move as quickly as other things. Leaving this step at the same speed and changing the speed of the other actions.

Pulling film speed, for example, may be substantially quicker than filling speed. So, take some of these steps and give yourself enough time to fill the sachets to ensure they work perfectly and don’t leak.

Low Parts Usage

All of the following advantages of our sauce packaging machine result in lower spare part usage. Because there are no heavy mechanical components, the machine never requires costly, heavy spare parts. The only necessary spare parts are essential consumption with rapid delivery from in-stock, low price, and long-duration use.


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