Why Does A Complete Mayonnaise Filling Line Works Best?

Mayonnaise Filling Machine

A mayonnaise filling line fill and packs containers with mayonnaise, liquids, and creams, especially those with a high viscosity efficiently. It comprises a mayonnaise filling machine, capping, and labeling equipment to form a production line. These machines work best for viscous foods with a piston-type system and a high accuracy of 0.2%. Applicable with bottles of different sizes and shapes.

The mayonnaise filling machine is made following GMP requirements, safety, and environmental hygiene. It is attractive and adaptable to a variety of work environments. Cleaning function, food-grade pipes, quick clamps, and a special tank in parts that handle food. While food-grade pipes may be used in a hot filling system.  You may select between horizontal and vertical filling tanks. This filler meets CIP cleaning standards and has a mixing function.

With a bottle unscrambler, a capping machine, a labeling machine, and other machines, the filling machine can automatically unscramble, fill, cap, seal, label, add a QR code, unpack, pack, seal, and stack the bottles. An environmental protection cover is built into the machine. It meets safety, environmental, and intelligent three-level standards, and the production process is coordinated automatically, making it stable and effective.


  1. Use a programmable logic controller (PLC) with a touch screen.
  2. Bottle feeding, filling, and bottling are all automatic.
  3. Driven by a servo motor and two screw rods. Control how the piston rod moves to make sure the filling is stable.
  4. Use a screw rod with two balls to fill the filling nozzle.
  5. This cream filling machine can be used alone or with a capping machine and a labeling machine to make a production line.
  6. Blends optical, mechanical, electrical, and gas technologies.
  7. Stable and reliable operation, high production efficiency, and the ability to adapt quickly.

Mayonnaise Filling Line Shows:

  1. Place the bottle on the belt conveyor.
  2. Servo motor piston fills the bottle when it gets to the right spot.
  3. Sorting bottle caps and putting in corks.
  4. Pressure cap
  5. Screw bottle caps
  6. Label the bottle automatically on both sides.
  7. Finally, inspect the sealing quality.

Mayonnaise Filling Machine Details

Control panel

The control panel is the heart of the filling machine. It has a touch screen, an on/off switch and an emergency button. Press the right button, and the machine will run the right program.

Automatic filling equipment will also have an alarm screen that tells packagers when there is a problem with the filling equipment or the packaging line. In addition to letting you know about a problem, the screen can help you figure out what the problem is if it is not clear at first.

Filling head

Mayonnaise in the material cylinder, the piston pushes it into the measuring cylinder. The Mayonnaise is then sent to the filling pipe by moving the piston. As the bottle moves the conveyor belt into the filling machine, the filling head moves down to start filling. Once the bottle is complete, the conveyor belt will send it to the capping station.

Filling procedure with no drop leakage, number of filling heads that can be changed based on your demands, and filling head diameter based on the diameter of your barrel’s mouth.

Conveyor belt

The bottle is placed on it, and the conveyor belt moves it into the filling machine, where filling begins. It is distributed via the conveyor belt after being filled. The whole procedure is convenient and time-saving.

This conveyor belt can move bottles of different sizes. The distance between the two pipes can be changed to fit your container. This will ensure that the bottles move smoothly and safely along the conveyor belt.

On the side of the conveyor, some sensors can automatically tell when a bottle needs to come off or when a screw cap needs to be filled.

Mayonnaise Filling Machine Key Features 

  • Made of heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Reservoir made of stainless steel
  • Kit for automatic bottling indexing with bottle counter
  • Gates for pneumatic indexing (count in, count out)
  • Float system with automatic product level detection
  • The nozzle height settings are easily adjustable and handle vials to gallons.
  • Touch screen HMI and user-friendly PLC controllers
  • “No bottle, no filling” system sensor.
  • Downstream, a bottle backup sensor pauses operation until clearing the product.
  • Able to produce dosages per container, even when the container is big.
  • Easy-to-clean quick-connect fittings made of stainless steel.
  • Diving heads have bottom-up filling nozzles to cut down on foaming.
  • Neck grabbers for bottles with a small opening that goes around the neck.
  • Drip Tray

Customers may have difficulty figuring out whether to proceed in a complete line. The cost may be high, but after all, having a full mayonnaise line will pay off in the long run. Being that, please contact us if you need help deciding and looking for a filling machine manufacturer. We will assist you in;

  • Product Filling
  • Target Output Capacity
  • Container shape, size, materials, etc.

All things considered, our professional team will help you choose the suitable mayonnaise filling machine. So, get in touch with us to find the best solution for you right now.

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