Why it’s best to Use Jerky Packaging Machine to Pack Jerky Products?

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Snacks are a must for us. Jerky, in the form of beef jerky, pig jerky, mutton jerky, and other jerky snacks, will undoubtedly be available. Jerky typically contains some protein, fat, carbs, etc., and may serve as a dietary supplement. It’s a top seller among those who like to munch.

How should a snack producer pack their products? For jerky products, a jerky packaging machine is best to use.

Packaging Jerky Products

The high nutritional content and relative expense of jerky necessitate using more upscale packaging, such as pouch bags, pre-made bags with zippers, etc. More people choose pre-made zipper bags as they can be quickly closed again after opening, making them convenient for further storage.

High accuracy is often necessary for this kind of packing. It is also worth mentioning that the jerky itself has a high value. Precision is essential after long-term packing to guarantee low manufacturing and selling prices. Therefore, a combination scale with many heads is often applicable for measurements.


jerky packaging machine


Because the jerky may slide while the electronic scale is vibrating, leading to erroneous measurement, there are specific additional criteria that must be met in order to use a combination scale.

The characteristic of the multiple-head combo scale:

  1. With the use of a well-known brand’s high-accuracy, high-accumulation rate loadcell, we were able to increase the accuracy to two decimal places.
  2. The multi-segment weight calibration is another benefit of the program recovery feature, which also helps decrease operational problems.
  3. The auto pause feature of no product can improve the accuracy and stability of the weighing process.
  4. The 100 available programs and the intuitive support system make this scale ideal for a wide range of weighing needs.
  5. In motion, the linear amplitude may be modified separately.
  6. Numerous language options for commerce worldwide.
  7. The machine as a whole is designed to be watertight, resulting in superior waterproofing. All the screws in this waterproof aluminum container are hidden in blind holes.

multi-head weighing scaleAnd if you have stringent weight requirements and want to double-check everything before sending it out the door, you can install a weight detector on a multi-head combination scale. If the weight checks out, the item continues to the packing machine; if not, it’s sent to the side, where it can be poured back into an elevator, transported to the combination scale, and weighed again. The picture below depicts a weight detector.

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