Why Use Intermittent Sachet Packing Machine For Liquid Packaging?

Sachet Packing Machine

An intermittent sachet packet packaging machine, also known as a sachet packing machine, has a smaller production capacity, requires less engineering, and is used mainly for simple tasks. That may have been correct in the past, but modern technology has made that viewpoint irrelevant. The inability to precisely halt and restart intermittent motion was formerly a significant drawback when operating machinery.

Modern Intermittent Sachet Packing Machine

Servo motors and fast speeds PLCs with automated synchronization are often nowadays to regulate action. After the first setting, the capacity makes all previous issues simpler and quicker. Additionally, solutions to challenging mechanics become significantly easier and speedier.

Maintenance and downtime decrease, which is yet another advantage of motion control technology. Considering that issues may be identified digitally through the internet regardless of whether the equipment is in another country or because simply constructed mechanics allow for diagnosis and repair by regular professionals without needing specialized knowledge.

The benefits mentioned above are applicable to all intermittent motion sachet filling machines, whereas the following benefits are exclusive to liquid sachet applications.

🔵 Quickness

The fundamental key to achieving better capacity is adjusting the speed of various operations on the machine. The most crucial stage in obtaining sachets free from leaks and flaws is the speed with which liquids are filled into sachets. Therefore, it must be slower than typical movements. Keeping this step at full speed while varying the pace of the others. Maximum efficiency calls for variable speeds at each stage of machine operation.

Simple examples include pulling film time, sealing time, and filling speed. Therefore, saving time on specific procedures allows you to take others more leisurely. No sachet packet packaging equipment capable of continuous action can produce such a product. Therefore, we provide liquid filling applications with intermittent motion.

🔵 Simple Syncing

Because all of the movements are preset as factory settings, operating the device at any capacity does not affect synchronization. Thus no extra adjustments are necessary.

🔵 Higher Capacity

In contrast to continuous motion machines, intermittent movements may achieve up to 100 dry sessions and 80-85 filling sessions. Because lowering the film’s tension is the first step toward attaining quicker continuous-motion running, this is the case. However, the real difficulty arises when trying to fill at the same rate as while pulling the film.

Intermittent motion machines, in contrast, to continuously moving ones, may potentially complete between 80 and 85 filling sessions for every 100 dry ones. This is so because reducing the tension of the film is the first step toward faster continuous-motion running. Filling at the same pace as film pulls is a significant challenge, though.

How do intermittent and continuous motion sachet machines differ?

The sachet machine with intermittent action is ideal for use with any liquid. A moving conveyor belt or continuous motion is an excellent choice when dealing with dry goods.

Intermittent Sachet Packing Machine Features
🔵 Low to No Mechanics

Because the intermittent liquid sachet machine lacks internal mechanics, it does not need the expertise of a highly trained mechanical professional. The linear guides and servo motors powering the various movements are all pre-set at the manufacturer. Sealing, filling, sealer pressure, etc., are just a few examples of the fundamentals that technicians may need to tweak to meet the demands of a given application.

🔵 Low Consumption of Spare Parts

Our liquid packing machine offers all these advantages, with the bonus of requiring fewer replacement components. There are no bulky moving components, so the machine will never have to be taken apart for maintenance. The only necessary spares are essential consumables that can be delivered quickly from stock, cost little, and last for a long period.

Technological Support

The VPN connection enables electronic diagnosis of 90% of the potential downtime. The technical support experts can connect to your system and provide an accurate diagnosis of the issue, regardless of your time zone or physical location.

Customer-Specific Modifications

The most significant benefit of using intermittent sachet filling machines is increased production flexibility to cater to the individual requirements of each client.

Because every manufacturing plant has its own unique processing system, liquid applications will almost always need custom-tailored solutions. Using this methodology, Makwell configures and manufactures every machine depending on the needs of our customers.

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