Your Full Guide To Tablet Counting Machine

A tablet counting machine is vital for producing various medications in the pharmaceutical industry. It allows you to count pills accurately in a very short amount of time.

Read this blog post for guidance on selecting the best tablet counting machine for your business. There will be a thorough breakdown of the tablet counting mechanism that you need to know.


Tablet Counting Machine


What is Tablet Counting Machine?

Tablet counting machines are a common piece of equipment in the pharmaceutical business to count pills, capsules, tablets, and capsules with coatings. This machine’s high-quality sensors enable a precise count of tablets in a short amount of time.

A tablet counting machine’s incredible versatility lies in its ability to tally tablets of varying sizes and forms accurately. Also, this device is popular in the food, chemical, and agricultural sectors.

Machine Types

In reality, there are several varieties of tablet counting machines; in fact, we can classify them into four broad categories according to their corresponding designs and levels of automation.

Tabletop Tablet Counting Machine

Tabletop Tablet Counting Machine

Tabletop tablet counting machines are compact and user-friendly. They don’t take up much room and are movable from one location to another. Often apply in places like hospitals, small laboratories, food processing plants, and more.

Manual tablet counting machine

Manual Tablet Counting Machine

This machine has old technology and requires a skilled operator to use it. It comprises a few portable gadgets that employees must operate. While its counting accuracy is excellent, it falls short of more high-tech equipment. It features low noise while operating, is practical for small quantities, and is simple to use.

Semi automatic tablet counting machine

Semi-Automatic Tablet Counting Machine

Tablets may be counted by hand or automatically, and the system can switch between the two modes to optimize efficiency. Despite its similarity to fully automated machinery, it still requires human oversight for some tasks.

automatic tablet counting machine

Fully Automatic Tablet Counting Machine

This sort of technology has improved to the point that we now have fully automatic tablet counting machines, which are the most effective due to their efficiency, speed, and precision. Because of its superior elements, including a PLC touch screen and several high-speed counting sensors, this machine can count thousands of tablets in a single minute.

Also, if the settings are made in advance, it may complete the whole working procedure automatically. This automatic tablet counter can easily handle a moderate-to-substantial size production run.

Tablet Counting and Capsule Filling Machine

Tablet counting and filling machines are among the most versatile pieces of machinery. There are many food and medicinal items whose quantities are carefully measured by this device. Medications such as pills, coated tablets, and other tablets, including soft and hard gelatin capsules, are fed into the machine. The tablet bottle packing line can have a twin nozzle to ensure accurate bottle filling.

Machine Differences 

Tablet Counting Machine

After learning about the four different kinds of tablet counting machines, this section will break down the distinctions between the manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic varieties.


A fully automatic tablet counting machine has an error rate of less than 1 percent, proving its superior precision. Manual and semi-automated tablet counting machines are prone to varying degrees of mistakes in comparison to fully automatic ones.


The manual tablet counter relies only on human labor, resulting in a relatively slow counting rate. The semi-automatic tablet counting system will be faster than its manual counterpart but will need human intervention during operation. As a result, the fully automatic tablet counter is the fastest of the three kinds as it performs all tasks automatically.


This is the clearest distinction between the three tablet counting machines shown; look at the photo and identify the sizes from biggest to smallest.


The most cost-effective option is the manual tablet counting machine, next by the semi-automatic tablet counting machine. Fully automatic tablet counting machines are the highest-cost option because of their complex construction.

Main Phases 

Understanding the inside workings of a machine is a requirement for mastering it. What parts does it have, and what do they do? The main elements of the tablet counting machine are the vibrating feeder, counter, bottle feeder, and control system.

Vibrating Feeder

The hopper, vibrator, tablet feeding track, and dust cap system are just some of the parts that make up the vibrating feeder. The tablets enter the system via the vibrating feeder. This also acts as a route for the tablets as they make their way through the hopper and into the counting phase.

Counting Phase

As its name suggests, this device keeps track of how many tablets pass through the vibrating feeder. The guiding plate, the dropper, and the counter sensors make up the whole thing. Droppers transfer tablets from the counting chamber into bottles, and counting sensors are the machine’s primary means of the tally.

Bottle Feeding Phase

The bottle feeding phase comprises the transmission section, conveyor, and bottle hold bar. The pill-filling procedure relies on the bottle-feeding system to provide the bottles.

Control System

The control system includes the PLC touchscreen and all the other electrical parts of the machine. It also has built-in cameras that prevent broken tablets from being used in the filling process. This component supports machine operation and regulates overall functioning.

Working Principle

In reality, we want to know the nuts and bolts of a machine, so we can get a feel for how it operates. For a more in-depth understanding of the tablet counting machine, you will discover how it works in this section.

  • The first step after activating the machine is material feeding. The user must place tablets in the machine’s hopper. The tablets enter the hopper, pass through the vibrator, are directed by the tablet feeding track, and are finally placed on the feeding tray.
  • Following feeding, the process advances to the counting phase. The machine has a large number of sensors. When the tablets convey via the counting system, the sensors will detect the tablets and carry out the counting process.
  • The next phase involves separating the broken pills. Broken pills disposal, so you can’t put them in medical bottles. So, while the machine counts the tablets, it will separate out the broken ones.
  • After the counting method is complete, the machine continues to fill pharmaceutical bottles with tablets, placing an exact amount of pills into bottles or other containers. After completing its filling cycle, it will end its function.



The machine’s ability to precisely count tablets is a significant selling point. You may go so far as to state that the accuracy of the tablet counting machine exceeds that of manual effort.


With a tablet counting machine, you can pack the tablets in a fraction of the time it would take a person. This is because it works at a high efficiency, counting the pills at a rate that is considerably quicker than human labor.

Ease of Operate

These machines are simple to use, requiring just a few button presses and no expert experience.


This is also very cost-efficient, as it’s highly productive despite its affordable price. Having access to a counting machine may help you save a significant amount of time, money, and effort.


Tablet counting machines have sturdy frames constructed of high-quality stainless steel, making them resistant to damage during use and transport. Also, the machine’s other parts are from modern materials, which makes the machine very durable.


Several industries may benefit from using a tablet counting machine. They are useful not only in the pharmaceutical sector but in a wide variety of others. The following industries may advantage from this machine:


A tablet counting machine’s significance in the pharmaceutical industry cannot be overstated when it comes to the accurate count of various pill sizes and shapes. It allows for the speedy counting of pills with little likelihood of error while ensuring that the pills stay intact.


This equipment also applies in the healthcare division for counting purposes.


Precise chemical amounts are essential for chemical reactions. Little adjustments to the products can have terrible consequences. As a result, table counters in the chemical sector are for the purpose of quantifying chemical concentrations.


Different dietary supplements also need to be considered in the food business. As a result, tablet counting machines are also widely applicable.


Knowing how to use a tablet counting machine is the next logical step after understanding its basic structure and inner workings.

First, you’ll need to start on the tablet counting machine by clicking a switch; then, you’ll be able to begin configuring the many settings that will determine how the device operates.

After feeding the tablets into the machine, adjust the distance between the hopper and the vibrator so that it is not more than the tablets’ diameter. Dropper and conveyor settings are flexible to accommodate bottles of varying diameters.

Once modifications are complete, all that’s left to do is allow the machine to count and fill. Don’t forget to switch off the tablet counting machine and clean it after completing all the operating procedures.


Realistically, each piece of equipment will have issues after a length of usage. If this happens, how should you handle the situation? Keep reading, and we’ll help you with what to do.

Counting and Filling Errors

You may have incorrectly set the counting and filling time, leading to mistakes throughout the counting or filling operation. Thus, you’ll have to make the necessary changes using the panel.

Sudden Alarm

In the event of an alert from the machine, while it is operating, you should double-check the bottle count and add any that may be low. The sensors may not be as sensitive as they might be because dust has settled on them.

Loud Noise

First, make sure the screw isn’t loose. If it is, tightening the screw should eliminate the vibrating noise the machine is making. Afterward, make sure the vibrating tray’s outlet links to the discharging channel.


If so many pills leak out of the bottles, the distance between the dropper and the mouth of the bottle is too wide. You must decrease this distance so that it is generally less than the size of the tablets.

Applicable Tablets/Pills

The pharmaceutical business extensively uses tablet counting devices, which can tally a broad range of medications under numerous headings available below.

Soft Gel Capsules

It can also count soft gel capsules, not only hard capsules. In most cases, this means that the machine can count any soft gel capsule.

00~5# Hard Capsules

The following table details the sizes and capsule models that work with this counting and filling equipment for hard capsules.

Capsule Size 00 0 1 2 3 4 5
Diameter (mm) 8.2 7.4 6.6 6.1 5.6 5.1 4.7
Length (mm) 20 18 16 15 13 12 9.3

Φ5.5~20 Plain Tablets

Moreover, this machine can count plain tablets with diameters between 5mm and 20mm. Although many may be unfamiliar with the symbol, it relates to the exterior diameter of the medications.

Φ3~12 Pills

Like the previous entry, this one also relates to the diameter of the pills. Count tablets with diameters between 3 and 12 millimeters.

Coated Tablet

Using tablet counting equipment to count and dispense coated tablets accurately is possible. This technique is similar to that used for counting and dispensing other types of medications.

Irregular-Shaped Tablet

In general, capsules and tablets are in regular shape. There are also some irregularly shaped tablets that these devices can count and fill.

Quality Standards

As a commonly used equipment, the tablet counting machine should adhere to several quality requirements, increasing its reliability.

FDA Certification

It is essential to meet the Food and Drug Administration’s standards for the quality and safety of food and drugs in order for the equipment to handle the tablets.


Current good manufacturing practice, or cGMP for short, is a standard developed for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical technology sectors with the goal of improving product quality. As a piece of pharmaceutical machinery, the tablet counting machine should naturally meet cGMP standards.

CE Certification

This machine must also be CE certified, guaranteeing its quality and allowing it to be available in the European market.

Tablet Counting Machine Cleaning

Touch Screen  To clean the screen, spray some computer glass cleaner onto a soft towel, then wipe the screen down.
Funnel  After taking off the funnel from the device, you may give it a complete inside-and-outside cleaning using light soap, water, and sanitizer.
Counting Tray To clean the tray, all you need is some mild, soapy water; rubbing alcohol isn’t a good choice.
Tray Sensor  The tray is behind the counting tray, confirming its presence. Eliminate the tray, wash it with distilled water, then dry it with wipes to get rid of stains.
Glass Detector Window Unscrew the two circular thumbscrews on top to remove the square guards. Lift the part gently and clean the dust with a dry towel within four clear detection windows. Next, wipe the glass pane with water, soap, or alcohol using a clean cloth. Instead of up and down, wipe back and forth. Then, use a screen cleaning towel to dry and remove stains from the glass.

After checking the outside portions of the inner assembly for dust, clean it with distilled water and wipe thoroughly.

After cleaning, gently assemble the components and tighten the thumb screws. Finally, press down the sliding rings to spread two black clips to secure the glass pane so it doesn’t shatter lightly.


How to choose a Tablet Counting Machine?

When purchasing a tablet counting machine, there are several factors to consider, both in terms of the equipment and your needs.

Capacity for Potential Production

First and foremost, the total production capacity of the machine is the most important factor to consider. Machine production capacity is a key factor in determining production scale; the bigger the capacity, the greater the scale.


Consider the manufacturer of the tablet counting machine you’re looking to buy; go with a well-known, reputable company wherever possible. Big-name manufacturers like MAKWELL and MAKWELLMACHINE in China provide high-quality products and solid after-sale support and guarantees.

Other Top Capsule Counting Machine Manufacturers Worldwide
  • IMA (Bologna, Italy)
  • AIPAK (Wuhan, China)
  • PHARMAPACK (China)
  • CREMER (Lisse, Netherlands)
  • Deitz Company (New Jersey USA)
  • MARCHESINI GROUP (Bologna, Italy)
  • Neostarpack CO.LTD (Taoyuan City, Taiwan)
  • DATA TECHNOLOGIES (Kibbutz Tzora, Israel)
  • COUNTEC (Bucheon Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea)
  • Pharma Packaging System (Pershore, Worcestershire)


The amount of money you have to spend on a machine is another factor to consider. You should go with the priciest model within your price range.

Production Requirements (Customization)

Lastly, you should tailor your needs for a tablet counting machine to your specific circumstances. There’s no rule saying you have to go with what anybody else suggests. Instead, you should be clear about what you hope to accomplish.

Market Expectations

The tablet counting machine is no exception to the constant innovation and advancement of technology and the widespread usage of various kinds of equipment in a broad range of industries. The pharmaceutical industry has developed rapidly in the past several decades, as requires pharmaceuticals.

There is a supply whenever there is a need, and the annual output volume of medications is increasing. To maintain such a high output level, human labor alone cannot be enough; hence, tablet counting machines are in demand.

In addition to counting capsules and tablets, tablet counting machines are extensively used in the food business, chemical industry, health care department, and several other sectors.

As tablet counting machines have a wide variety of applications and are highly useful for production, their evolution is accelerating. In addition, as current technology grows and matures, tablet counting devices will become more sophisticated.


Tablet counting machines are used in a variety of sectors, offering enormous benefits in the pharmaceutical business for pill counting. As a well-known industrial machine manufacturer, we have the greatest equipment on the market if you are seeking a high-end tablet counting machine and capsule filling machine. We offer tablet counting machines for sale, so if you are looking for one, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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