Your Ultimate Guide to Tablet Capsule Counting Machine

Capsule Counting Machine

If you’re in the market for a capsule counting machine, this complete guide will assist you in understanding and finding the best tablet or capsule counter machine!

What is Capsule Counting Machine?

A device that will assist you in counting the tablets and capsules you produce is a capsule counting machine. It correctly counts every tablet, caplet, capsule, soft capsule, and transparent product form.


The advantages of a pill and capsule counting machine include the following:


Dedicated equipment for counting pills and capsules guarantees precision. As long as dust doesn’t build up on the tray sensor window, it’s certain to function flawlessly 100% of the time. The precision guarantees consumers have the right amount of medicine.


A capsule counter machine can avoid counting mistakes that might occur while counting by hand. You may take a break and continue working without restarting the system. It will pick up just where you left off after a restart.

Enhancing Quality Assurance

You can reduce the likelihood of damaging the capsules or pills using the machine. This raises the final product’s quality, which is beneficial.


By automatically counting products, the system helps save manufacturing costs by freeing up workers to focus on other tasks. You can get by with one or two operators.

Time Saver

This packaging machine performs quite well. It can quickly count, sort, and dispense pills and capsules, which saves time. The operator can do other activities by saving time while the machine counts tablets and capsules.

Capsule Counter Machine Types

Machines for counting tablets and capsules are categorized as either manual or automatic.

🔵 Automatic Tablet Capsule Counting Machine

This device can provide a precise count of tablets in a short amount of time, making it useful for cost reduction. Bulk counting is possible with some models of automatic pill and capsule counters.

Its capacity to process 800 pills or capsules per minute makes it ideal for stocktaking. In addition, this capsule and tablet counting machine are adaptable to a wide variety of capsule sizes and forms.

The digital touchscreen on most modern automatic capsule counters regulates the machine’s speed, accuracy, efficiency, and user-friendliness. It is capable of making critical adjustments on its own.

🔵 Manual Capsule Counting Machine

This is a practical and low-priced two-piece portable tray. The lower half of the tray is solid and holeless, while the top half is perforated. Different-sized and shaped holes allow for accurate counting of both tablets and capsules.

The number of counting holes on a manual pill and capsule counter may range from 5 to 250. The perforations in the top tray allow the pills to fall through as you shake them. The extra will fall into a larger tray underneath the device.

A manual pill counter with 50 slots can tally up to 50 pills without error. Before verifying its correctness, you must close all the gaps. This capsule and pill counter is ideal for less-than-busy pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals.

Capsule Counter Machine


Integrating Capsule Counting Machine with Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine

You may use or include a capsule counter machine in an existing pharmaceutical production line. The device’s small size makes it easy to fit in new and current pharmaceutical packaging lines.

CE Compliance Importance

If this machine has the CE mark, it complies with all relevant European Union (EU) health, safety, and environmental protection legislation.

CE Having the appropriate markings on your products lets the government know you’re authorized to market them there. The identification ensures it may be freely transported within the EFTA and EU single market.

Main Components

  • A hopper feeder that deposits pills or capsules onto feeding trays.
  • Use a hopper feeder to collect capsules from the compressor or capsule filling.
  • Conveyor belts move items from one station to another.
  • The motor drives the conveyor belt, assuring continuous movement.
  • Sensors for identifying tablets independent of movement speed.
  • A camera that is effective for photoelectric sensing and product counting
  • Switch for on/off operation of the machine.
  • Computer system that shows the status of the counting procedure.
  • The counter may be pre-set using a touchscreen interface before it goes into action.
  • A mechanism of automatic rejection to remove defective pills.

capsule counting machine

Working Process

🔵 Preparation

The only phase requiring your participation is getting the machines ready. The user enters the main counting settings for the counter. You may as well load up the automatic filler with pills or capsules just to be safe.

🔵 Product Feeding

The auto-filler will load the hopper with capsules as the machine starts its work. Hence, the hopper controls how much product gets into the feeding trays.

Manage feeding tray capsule or tablet levels using a hopper sensor. Transfer products gradually and automatically by vibration from the feeder trays to the conveyor belt.

🔵 Counting

In this section, you’ll regulate the belt’s speed. The belt travels while transporting the pills. Capsule counting machines use sensors to identify and tally all products that pass over them.

Several pharmaceutical product counters use the photoelectric principle to aid counting. The sensor will also assist in spotting defective pills as the counting process progresses.

It works in tandem with an automatic rejection system to detect defective goods and throw them out. The computer system’s electronic display screen will provide real-time updates on the counting process. The process will continue until tallying all of the pills are by the machine.


Counting machines and accessories for tablets and capsules are widely available. There is always the proper equipment for the job, whether you need custom solutions for your pharmaceutical company or stick to industry standards.

Technical specs and features are of utmost importance to makers of capsule counting machines. Specify the following when ordering a tablet counting machine to ensure you get the correct capsule counter machine.

  • Energy usage
  • Dimensions (height, width, and weight)
  • Capacity for production or output
  • Requirements for control and automation systems
  • Product’s final form or nature
  • Updated systems

What to consider before buying

These are the most important things to think about while looking for a machine to count tablets and capsules:

capsule counting machine


🔵 Manufacturing Products

Tablet and capsule counting devices are commercially available. Similarly, depending on your product, you’ll have to decide between a tablet counter and a capsule counter.

🔵 Capacity for Production

Always know how much output your facility is capable of. Next, you’ll be able to choose machinery that can accurately count the medicines you produce.

🔵 Quality Compliance

All the equipment you use must meet the necessary specifications. Any machine you want to buy should meet the same criteria for quality.

🔵 Machine Efficiency

Choose a counting machine that you will have no trouble using. If you invest in complex capsule and tablet counting equipment, you may need to undergo in-depth training.

🔵 Brand or Model

capsule counting machines come in various types and capacities, each produced by a separate manufacturer. Choose a label that is compatible with every capsule or tablet manufacturer.

🔵 Funding

Your project budget will determine the kind of equipment you end up purchasing. When finances allow, you intend to upgrade to a more accurate tablet/capsule counter.


Common issues with pill and capsule counters and how to fix them.

Tablet Capsule Jamming

High speeds are the usual culprit in creating interruption. Reduce the vibrations of the feeding track and the vibrator to avoid this issue.

Bottle Stand Not in Line

This can be the result of incorrect bottle timing. Solve this issue through the control panel. Another potential cause is that the dropper is not aligned with the bottle’s opening. Change the dropper station to resolve this. You may also need to adjust the distance between the rails of the conveyor belt if there is too much space there.

Counting Errors

Possible causes include improper timing or a failure to count correctly.  To switch stations, please view the settlement page. In addition, make sure to set the photoelectric time to milliseconds.

Tablet Spills

There is a spill because of a large chasm between the filling dropper and the bottle opening. Always use a filling dropper whose height, as well as the distance between the bottle’s mouth and the filler dropper, is smaller than the diameter of the capsule or bottle.

Bottle Slipping

It’s possible that the bottle opener took too long to open, causing the bottle to fall. Change the passing time of the bottle in the control panel’s parameter setting page to address this issue.

Miscounting Sensor System

Dust buildup on the sensor may be the cause of the problem. To solve the issue, clean the sensor.

Meanwhile, your machine’s counting sensor may lose some of its sensitivity. You may reset the sensor by adjusting the little knob on its circuit board back to its original setting.

Alarm Sounds

There are a variety of triggers for the alarm on a machine that counts tablets and capsules.

  • You address the bottle shortage by providing the bottles.
  • It’s possible that you’re using white bottles producing a lot of light. Stop this by turning out the light.
  • Dust buildup could have made the sensor’s sensitivity less sensitive. Clear the sensor of any dust.

User Requirement Specification (URS)

What the consumer needs, the tablet, and the capsule counting machine’s specifications are technical documents written by the machine’s developer. Equipment requirements, design, testing, inspection methodology, roles and responsibilities, quality standards, testing, applications, etc., are all part of the URS.

In addition to the handbook itself, it includes supplementary materials that complement the text. When placing an order, the URS is an invaluable resource for accessing essential machine data.

Does a capsule counter and tablet counting machine come separately?

No. A tablet or capsule counting machine is a flexible combination of technologies that precisely count food and pharmaceutical goods. The capsules or pills are aligned before being run through an accurate sensor to count them precisely.

Tablet Capsule Counting Machine Industry Applications

The following industries may benefit from using a capsule counter machine:

Tablet Capsule Counting Machine

Pharmaceutical Filling & Health Care Industry

Capsules and pills In the pharmaceutical sector, counting is an essential step. The correct medicine dose is crucial to patient health. Therefore, being confident in the figures you’re working with is essential.

Capsule or pill counts should be your first consideration when assessing output. Regarding the bottom line of your pharmaceutical company, the figures are everything.

Food Industry

Food capsules and gelatins have become more popular because they provide some missing elements in the modern diet. Technicians used capsule counting devices to improve the efficiency of manufacturing food gelatines and capsules.

Chemical Engineering

Pure chemical analysis is the foundation of chemistry. The chemical composition may be drastically altered by introducing even trace elements. Because of the need for precision in chemical analysis, equipment that counts tablets and capsules has become more popular.

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