glue filling machine

Glue Filling Machine

The automobile sector heavily use automatic glue filling machines. Spraying glue on automobile electronics makes them waterproof, shockproof, dust-proof, corrosion-resistant, fastened, and more stable and reliable.

This machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industrial, and other industries. This machine is suitable for filling products like;

  • oral liquid
  • oil essence
  • eye drops
  • cosmetic perfume
  • battery liquid, and so on.

This negative vacuum pressure and the self-priming device are used with glass, plastic, metal, and other containers. The small caliber and a high liquid surface expansion stress mean that no liquid will come out when the container is turned upside down.

As an Automatic Glue Filling Machine Manufacturer, we share with you the different applications of the automatic glue filling machine.

Applicable liquids for glue filling machines:

Generally, two components make up the glue that is often applicable in filling machines. It works well with single-component glue, of course. A glue serves as the primary agent and B glue is the curing agent among them. 

The most popular glues available are silicone, epoxy resin, and polyurethane. The curing agent to curing agent ratio is 1:1, 2:1, and 5:1. Mostly 4: 3, 10: 1.

Application fields of glue filler machine:

The glue filler machine is widely applicable in various industries such as;

  • Coil inductance potting
  • soft light bar potting
  • point light potting
  • LED surface mount screen potting
  • LED display glue
  • LED energy-saving lamp glue
  • LED power glue
  • LED light bar
  • computer power glue
  • relay module glue
  • sensor glue
  • PCB board glue
  • solar panel glue, etc.

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