Mayonnaise Making Machine Functions

Mayonnaise Making Machine

The mayonnaise making machine incorporates mixing, dispersion, homogenizing, emulsification, and particle suction into a seamless system. In the top portion of the emulsification pot, the material is swirled through the middle. The Teflon scraper constantly adapts to the form of the stirring pot, removing the sticky material that is hanging on the wall so that the material being scraped continually creates a new interface and then goes through the shearing, compressing, and bending processes. To stir, combine, and flow down to the homogenizer below the pot body, fold it.

The material is subsequently subjected to the powerful shearing, impacting, turbulent flow, and other processes produced between the stationary cutting sleeve and the high-speed revolving cutting wheel.

First sliced in the shearing slit and then rapidly fragments into particles ranging in size from 200 nm to 2 um. As a result of the emulsification tank being in a vacuum condition, any bubbles that are produced as a result of the process of stirring the material are eliminated in a timely manner. To guarantee on creating high-quality goods with shine, smoothness, and excellent flexibility, vacuuming prevent the products from mixing with air bubbles during the stirring process. This helps to ensure product quality.

Mayonnaise Making Machine Functions


Electric or steam heating. Vacuum emulsifying mixer machines with little output should use electrical heating, whereas those with high output should use steam. Steam heating may provide more rapid warmth in the same amount of time as electric heating. Designing a system for automatic control allows for easy expansion with new components.


High-quality mixing is achievable with low-speed stirring of 0-63r/min, ensures evenly mixing of all raw materials in no time.


Dissolve oil and water more efficiently by the high shear speed of 0-3300 r/min, which results in the production of high-quality products.

 Material Suction

The vacuum suction pipe allows for the quick transfer of both liquid and powdered raw materials from the storage container to the production vessel.


Create a vacuum-sealed atmosphere within the container to create a sterile environment. Adding the powder to the vacuum can prevent dust pollution and material aggregation.

Optional Mayonnaise Making Machine System

  1. System of remote control
  2. Button control or color touchscreen on a PLC
  3. CIP system, SIP system, Cleaning spray ball
  4. (Tap water pipe, cooling water pipe, pure water pipe, air pipe, steam pipe, sewage pipe) piping system
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