Mayonnaise Making Machine: High Shear Dispersion Emulsifying Machine

mayonnaise making machine high shear emulsifier

The high shear dispersion emulsifying device is the mayonnaise making machine used by manufacturers for mayonnaise production because of its reliable output and advanced technology. Manufacturing many different types of goods, including food, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and more, requires this equipment.

This high-shear emulsification device is effective, productive, and good for the environment. It has very high homogeneity and a limited range of particle size distribution. As a mayonnaise making machine, it has a high processing capacity and is common in continuous online production in industrial settings. Each rotor is checked for precise dynamic balance, and the machine as a whole runs smoothly and silently thanks to the great accuracy of the cast integrated frame.

This equipment has the potential to do away with any quality variation in manufacturing completely. Additionally, materials may be crushed, scattered, and sheared in their whole, and there is no dead angle. This mayonnaise making machine is easy to use and maintain, and its conveying function requires just a minimal amount of height and travel. The mechanical seal in the cartridge guarantees no materials will leak, and automatic control is possible.

We can provide high-shear dispersion emulsifying machines depending on the specific requirements of our customers. Our skilled engineers have worked with a wide range of machines for years, giving you high-quality machines and innovative technical solutions.

High Shear Mayonnaise Making Machine Working Process:

  1. The material is fed into the working chamber from the working head’s top and lower feeding sections at once with the centrifugal force created by the fast-spinning rotor.
  2. A powerful centrifugal force traveling in the radial direction throws materials into the exact and tiny gap between the stator and rotor. Meanwhile, centrifugal extrusion, impact, and other forces first distribute and emulsify the materials.
  3. The high-speed spinning rotor’s outer end must provide a linear speed of at least 15 m/s and up to 40 m/s. Intense mechanical and hydraulic shearing, liquid layer friction, impact, and tear must be generated to disseminate the materials, emulsified, homogenized, broken, and shot through the stator slot. The emulsifier shears, disperses and smashes the materials through the fast rotation of the homogenizing head coupled to the engine. In this approach, the materials or ingredients will soften and encourage the blending of the oil and water.
  4. The radial direction releases high-velocity materials in a continuous process; when it hits resistance from the material and the container wall, it changes the flow direction. Because of the upper and lower axial suction forces produced in the rotor zone, upper and lower turbulent flows form concurrently. After many cycles, the substances go through complete dispersion, emulsification, and homogenization.


mayonnaise making machine

High-Shear Emulsifying Mayonnaise Making Machine: Key points to consider

Procedure Formula

The different techniques and formulas greatly influence the emulsification process, which affects the number of raw ingredients and the sequence of addition in the preparation process.


Different emulsifiers have different effects on how much the structure of the product changes. How much tension there is between the two liquids, and how much energy is necessary to make an emulsion.

Emulsion Machinery

The structure, shear force, and rotation speed of each emulsification equipment are different, significantly affecting how well it works.


mayonnaise making machine

Dispersion and Emulsification Equipment Analysis

Emulsifying machine structure

Pipeline emulsifiers and intermittent emulsifiers are the two main categories of emulsifiers. The materials may be thoroughly disseminated and emulsified. With excellent efficiency when using a pipeline emulsifier, which has a higher emulsification effect. Pipeline emulsification is the popular technique used in high-shear emulsification equipment.

The emulsifying machine’s shear rate

The shear rate is the primary variable in emulsification machinery. In general, the dispersion emulsification effect improves with an increasing shear rate. Of course, it must depend on the particular material procedure. With a minimum speed of 4500 rpm and a maximum speed of 6000 rpm, a belt accelerates an emulsifying machine.

Time for processing

In general, a material’s dispersion and emulsification affects. It will be stronger the more it is treated and the longer it stays in the chamber. The emulsifying machine can split vertically, making it run faster.

Emulsion head accuracy

Traditional emulsification machines have a single-layer emulsification head. Still, the nanoscale homogenization emulsification machine has a three-stage emulsification head.  It has a smaller gap, more accuracy, and a better emulsification effect.

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