Hand Sanitizer Bottling Machine: How We Solve Hand Sanitizer-Filling Needs?



Hand sanitizer is a light jell only slightly thicker than water. Therefore, it easily handled by our  liquid filling machines. As an expert manufacturer in the liquid bottling industry, We have a comprehensive array of filling machines. Regardless of what your needs are, from mini-pinch fillers to multi-head rotary fillers, we offer a machine that will meet your needs in terms of price and production rate.

Our efficient liquid filling machines are the result of years of extensive equipment research and development.  These machines work well especially for hand sanitizer and for filling other liquid products such as mouthwash, cleaning solutions, and other chemicals that come in liquid form.

With our hand sanitizer bottle filling machine, the contact part is SUS316L stainless steel, while the remaining parts are of SUS304 stainless steel. The bottle turn table, washing, drying, filling, capping, labeling, print date, container mane, etc. are all examples of the mane. Its operation is simple and easy, and its positioning and measurement are precise. No filling, no bottle. Production that fully complies with GMP standards and a CE certification passer.

Solving The Industry By Bottling Sanitizer

All of our timed flow pinch range filling machines are simple to use and clean. They specially won’t break the bank! The Mini Pinch is a basic hand sanitizer filler with a wand that includes six nozzles, allowing the operator to fill six bottles at once by moving the wand along the row. While the Auto Pinch is able to fill twelve bottles at once, and as the name suggests, it is fully automatic.

If there are little differences in the volume of two bottles of the same liquid, our fill-to-level equipment will make it seem like they both have the same quantity of product on the shelf. We have fully automatic and semiautomatic versions of overflow liquid filling machines.


hand sanitizer bottling machine

The most reliable filling methods are the use of a piston or a positive displacement filler. In a piston filler, the volume of product delivered is controlled by the size of the cylinder and the stroke of the piston. Piston filling machines, where the model number specifies the cylinder capacity and the number of fill spouts.

For positive displacement, gear pumps are used, and the amount of product that comes out depends on how many times the shaft rotates.

It’s important to clean the bottles well before bottling sanitizer. Getting bottles ready for filling is a breeze with the help of our automatic bottle cleaner. Wash, rinse, and dry your containers before filling them with the bottle washer. Specify with as many as twelve separate stations and as many as three nozzles per container.

Filling Line Machines Essential for Complete Hand Sanitizer Packaging



In addition to a hand sanitizer bottling machine, a labeling machine, capping equipment, cap handlers, and conveyors. They are essential to produce a fully functional hand sanitizer production line. To guarantee the proper and secure filling of your hand sanitizer bottles, we provide a variety of machines for each task. Stainless steel is used throughout, making our equipment resistant to corrosion and simple to keep clean.

As experts in liquid packaging, we are happy to provide you with a comprehensive selection of hand sanitizer filling machinery. We manufacture complete packaging lines for hand sanitizer bottles. To guarantee the highest quality for our devoted clientele, we only produce our machinery in clean, sterile environments. Give us a call and let our in-house engineers help you find economical solutions to your packaging problems.

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