Spout Pouch Filling Machine: How to Fill Spout Pouches?

spouted pouch filling machine

Do you sometimes find yourself curious about the process behind the packaging of your fave juices in those handy spout pouches? By what means does the manufacturer guarantee that the pouches are filled precisely and sealed securely? Here, we will explore the method of the spout pouch filling machine on filling pouches and provide a solution to the question of how to fill spout pouches.

The liquid product is precisely dispensed into the spout pouch and sealed using a spout pouch filling machine. The ease, affordability, and ecological impact of this cutting-edge packaging approach are contributing to its meteoric rise in popularity. This article will share with you everything about the method and the equipment used.

Why Spout Pouches Are in Demand?

Packaging for liquids, such as drinks, sauces condiments, and cleaning supplies, often makes use of spout pouches because of their pliability and low weight. They consist of many laminated film materials layers that are specifically to shield the contents from environmental elements including light, air, and moisture. You may easily pour and reseal the pouch thanks to the spout, which is usually at the top or a corner.

There are a number of reasons why spout pouches have become such a favorite:

  • Expense-efficiency:  Producing them is more energy and material-efficient than making solid containers like bottles.
  • Practicality: Customers may enjoy a tidy experience thanks to their resealable spout and the fact that they are simple to travel and store because of their compact size.
  • Sustainable: Spout pouches are more easily recyclable and produce less waste than other packaging.

Spout Pouch Filling Machine: How to Fill Spout Pouches?

The following are several options for filling spout pouches:

  1. A stand-up pouch, complete with pour spout and lid, is ready to go. At the very top of the bag, you’ll see a hole that can be filled with the product. Sealing the opening with heat is an option after filling.
  2. You have a choice to get spout pouches with or without the cap. The spout makes it easy to fill the bag, and then you can close it by torquing down the cap.
  3. An additional option for filling and heat sealing is to make the pouch’s side gap bigger. For liquids with odd shapes or tiny pour spouts, this is the way to go.

What Machine Fills Spout Pouches?

It is important to know the features and abilities of spout pouch packing machines. They mainly include the rotary pre-made pouch packing and sealing machine and the spout pouch filling machine.

Spout Pouch Filling Machine

The purpose of this machine is to automate or semi-automatically fill spout pouches with caps. You may place each bag onto the machine by hand, and the machine fills the pouch automatically with the set quantity of product. Then, it bags automatically seals the pouch after filling.

Spout Pouch Filling Capping Machine

Spout Pouch Filling Machine

Spout Pouch Capping Machine

Following product filling, this machine precisely caps spout pouches. It automatically places and screws the cap after detecting the spout and pouch.

This machine is perfect for rapid production on a big scale as it can cap pouches of all sizes and types with ease. Creating a hermetic seal, further guarantees that the product is hygienic.

Filling Process: How Does It Work?

The standard procedure for filling spout pouches is as follows:

1. Spout Pouch Load

A conveyor or holding mechanism operates into the filling machine to automatically or manually load pre-attached spout pouches.

2. Product Filling

The filling nozzles on the machine precisely measure out the product’s liquid contents and pour them into the packs. You may change the filling precision and speed to suit your product’s consistency and ideal volume.

3. Spout Sealing

When the pouch is full, the spout sealing mechanism presses down on the spout to create an airtight seal. Heat or ultrasonic sealing are two methods that may be used to seal pouches, depending on their material.

4. Capping

After sealing, the machine will place a cap on the spout.

5. Checking for Quality and Releasing

The next step is a quality inspection of the sealed pouches, which includes making sure they were filled correctly. Upon completion of inspection, the pouches are removed from the machine to get ready for shipment.

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Factors Affecting the Filling Process

Performance and precision of spout pouch filling depend on many factors:

Material and Size of the Pouch

How quickly and how tightly you seal a pouch depends on its size and material. It may take more time to fill bigger pouches with certain materials, and there may be particular methods for sealing these materials.

Consistency of the Product

Liquid product viscosity affects filling efficiency as well as precision. To achieve precise dosing with very thick materials, it may be necessary to use slower filling rates or specific nozzles.

Operator Expertise

How well a semi-automatic machine fills and seals depends heavily on the operator’s expertise. To make sure everything runs well, you need to have the right kind of training and expertise.

Configuration of the Machine

For the best results, it’s important to customize the filling machine’s settings including sealing inputs, nozzle size, and filling speed to match the needs of each pouch and product.

How to Customize Spout Pouch Filling Machine?

A spout pouch filling machine is very adaptable, allowing it to handle a broad variety of products and packaging materials with ease. Here are a few choices for customization:


Depending on production demands and financial limits, spout pouch filling machines may be either fully or semi-automatic.

Nozzle Design

Nozzles come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different filling rates and product viscosities. For instance, to keep carbonated drinks from foaming, you may use a vented nozzle or a no-drip nozzle.

Capping Methods

Snap-on caps, tamper-evident caps, and screw caps are some of the capping methods that machines may be fits with. You can choose the degree of ease and safety that you wish.

Sealing Techniques

A variety of sealing techniques, including heat sealing and ultrasonic sealing, are available for use with various pouch materials. You may choose between several sealing procedures on particular machines.


Finally, spout pouch filling machines precisely measure out liquid products, pour them into the pouches, and then close the spouts to avoid any leaking. You may customize these machines to suit any kind of product and packaging, making them a practical, affordable, and environmentally responsible choice for packaging.

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