What are methods of tube sealing?

methods of tube sealing


Methods of Tube Sealing: Plastic, laminate, and metal tubes may all be sealed using different types of tube closing options. A hole punch for hanging tubes, curved seals, rounded corners, and customized seals for one-of-a-kind tube displays are just some of the options available for plastics and laminated squeeze tube sealing. 

Standard, smooth, and bespoke seal designs for plastics and laminated tubes are also available. Single, double, or triple fold and saddle fold for metal tube closures are available, as are smooth and wave crimp variations. You may choose between a plastic, laminate, or metal tube closure with a double-sided code that contains up to 12 digits.

Methods of Tube Sealing

Sealing Patterns for Plastic Tubes 

(12-digit optional code on both sides)

Closing Options for Plastic Tubes 

Sealing Patterns for Plastic Tubes Closing Options for Plastic Tubes

A. Plastic and Laminated Tubes’ Sealing Methods


ultrasonic tube sealing🔵 Ultrasonic Sealing 

In ultrasonic sealing, a horn generates high-frequency friction to heat the tube seal. The tube seal is formed by clamping and cooling it against an anvil. 

hot air tube sealing

🔵 Hot Air Sealing

Hot air sealing heats the tube seal and transfers it to the closure station for pressing and chilling. Hot air tube sealing works on any plastics and laminated tubes and is the quickest way.

high frequency tube sealing

🔵 High-Frequency Sealing 

High-frequency sealing heats the tube’s aluminum and plastic layers. Clamp and cool the tube when it reaches the necessary temperature. However, for PE tubes, high-frequency tube sealing is not an option.

B. Metal Tubes’ Sealing and Folding Selection

🔵 Folding Selection for Metal Tubes

folding selection for metal tubesfolding selection for metal tube

🔵 Closing Station Choices for Metal Tubes

Standard Metal Tube Closing

Standard Metal Tube Closing

Optional Metal Tube Closing

Optional Metal Tube Closing

🔵 Essential Metal Tube Sizes for Folding Choices

Single Fold single tube fold
Double Fold double tube fold
Triple Fold triple tube fold
Saddle Fold saddle tube fold


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