Ketchup Filling Machine: Why Choose Makwell Filling Solutions?

Fill and top your bottles of ketchup or other sauces with this fast, accurate, and easy-to-use ketchup filling machine.

Tomato ketchup is produced with tomatoes, sugar, vinegar, and spices. Onions, allspice, coriander, cloves, cumin, garlic, mustard, celery, cinnamon, and ginger are typical spices and tastes. Because ketchup is not Newtonian, its viscosity changes when under stress. Its thickness gets less as shear stress goes up. Moreover, there are different kinds of filling machines you can use to fill ketchup bottles.

Classic ketchup Containers

Choosing Makwell Filling Line  

  1. We will ensure a suitable bottle filling machine for your ketchup that fit the properties of your filling material. These can be the thickness, foaming, viscosity, volatility, gas concentration, etc.
  2. Choose from a range of systems with the capability to adapt to various manufacturing needs. As the process range grows, it becomes possible to use the equipment effectively and to use one machine for more than one product or purpose.
  3. Filling equipment that works accurately is a guarantee.  The national rules allow for a 1% error in filling. So, when with our filling machine, you may buy it with trust and confidence. In our equipment, the relative error is somewhere between 0.5% and 1%.

Ketchup is viscous, nonfoaming, and fluid. We recommend filling machines with piston fillers.

A piston filler can accurately fill containers with liquids of varying levels and viscosities. Each of the machines has at least one volumetric piston. Intake strokes are part of each filling cycle. It includes transferring liquid products from the container or hopper into the product cylinder. After filling a certain amount of product into the cylinder, the down stroke will begin. The product is released from the cylinder and into the storage container as the piston moves upward.

Our automatic piston filling machines are very flexible. They can fill efficiently and precisely a wide range of products, from liquids with low viscosity to pastes or creams with high viscosity, with or without clumps or particles.


Also, these machines give you a clean, drip-free deposit and make your filling line more accurate. CIP-compatible and can fill a wide range of containers. We set up our piston fillers so that they always deliver the right amount of ketchup, sauces, stews, batters, meat-sauce mixtures, and pastes. So, our piston filling machines and depositors can have the most accurate product filling and the least amount of product loss.

However still, spillages, drips, and overflowing containers are common in food filling lines. But not with our piston fillers. This not only, but your workers will also have more free time because our equipment doesn’t need monitoring every minute of the day. We assure our machines work right: Improve your process so that you can do other, more valuable work.

Capacity of Filling

Our sauce filling machine can fill bottles from 50ml to 5000ml. Depending on the size of the bottle, the piston cylinder can be at 50ml to 500ml, 100ml to 1000ml, or 500ml to 5000ml. Dual lane choice is ideal to boost production by 100% while keeping valuable line space. This machine can have 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 16 nozzles to meet different production needs.

Accurate Filling 

The frame of a linear piston liquid filling machine is built of 304 stainless steel. It has PLC control and a touch screen HMI as standard, ensuring dependable, repeatable control with little user participation. Precision bored, heavy-walled measuring cylinders dispense product with +/- 0.2% accuracy. A pneumatic system is slower and less exact than this high-precision, servo motor-driven screw movement. For hygienic operation, food-grade stainless steel and polymers are present. To prevent waste and product spills, the “no container/no fill” function checks for containers that are missing or in the incorrect position. A dual-stage fill’s unique variable speed control and separate actuator give accurate “no-spill” control for top-off applications or filling tough liquid materials.

Filling Process

Before heading into the piston filler, empty bottles line up on the main drive conveyor. When bottles go into the filler, optical sensors count them to make sure the right number of bottles are in place. The bottle clamping mechanism uses air pressure to hold the bottles in place once they are in the right place. This makes sure that the bottles are in the right place under each filling head to avoid under-filling or over-filling. The filling process starts when a series of valves made of stainless steel drop into the bottles. This makes filling fast, accurate, and consistent. After reaching the target volume, the out-gate cylinder moves out of the way, letting the filled bottles continue down the conveyor for sealing.

In addition to piston ketchup filling machines, capping labeling devices are essential to complete the ketchup filling line.

Ketchup Capping and Labeling Devices 

The ketchup capping machine must depend on the cap size and shape, and the capping method. While the shape of the bottle, the size of the bottle, and the size of the label will determine how the ketchup bottle labeling machine works.


Ketchup Filling With Makwell Packaging Solutions

Food products must be filled and packed with extra care to meet all hygiene standards. We have a wide range of liquid filling machines, cappers, labelers, and conveyors that can fill and pack ketchup, sauce, and other thicker, more viscous condiments. These machines can give you;

  • Highest filling reliability.
  • Cost-effective in terms of big manufacturing volumes.
  • Especially if the product line is pricey, less product waste.
  • Boost production effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Adaptability as ingredients in sauces varies in how thick they are.
  • Easy and fast changeovers give you more freedom.
  • Safe packaging to keep the ketchup from leaking and to protect it from any type of contamination. Particularly important when shipping internationally or across lengthy distances.

Makwell Manufactures and Customizes Filling Machines and Packaging Equipment for Ketchup


Our machines for filling ketchup goal is to adapt to the changing needs of the ketchup business. We make the right equipment for you to fill ketchup and match your production targets. We manufacture ketchup bottling machines, and we also work with many factories to get ketchup bag packaging machines.

We are professionals at manufacturing filling machines for ketchup, and we make them with a high level of flexibility and personalization so they can fill sauce and ketchup bottles for a wide range of applications. Because of how well they work and how long they last, these machines are known all over the world. Investing in an automatic ketchup filling line can help improve accuracy and reduce the chance that an operator will make a mistake. In the sauces and dressings industry, different filling methods apply, such as the volumetric method, the mass, and weight flow filling method, and the heated or room temperature filling method. The ketchup filling and packaging line should have a clean environment and a lot of adaptabilities, such as fast changeover tools.

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